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What is a Centurion?
"A Centurion is an amateur athlete, who has walked 100 miles within 24 hours in a judged competition in Great Britain”
The rules to qualify as a Centurion are quite simple: Walk 100 miles within the 24 hour time limit in accordance with the current Centurions race criteria and Race Walking Association racewalking rules.
>> more on the Centurions - who we are and everything you need to do to become one!

What is race walking?
Race walking is a "technical" sport and the official definition of race walking is... "Race Walking is a progression of steps so taken that the walker makes contact with the ground...”
>> more on race walking - all you need to know.. the rules, the judging system...

Training advice
So, what do you need to know to train for a 100 mile race?
Most race walkers "graduate" from shorter distances and build up to100miles/24 hour races.
The training advice comes from experienced athletes covering training, nutrition and lots more help for anyone wanting to complete a 100 mile race within the 24 hours.
>> more on training - training and racing 100 miles/24 hours...

Bury St Edmunds 100 miles 2017
Redcar 100 miles 2016
Douglas 100 miles 2018
Castle Rushen, Castletown, Isle of Man
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