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AGM Minutes:  2005
held on Saturday 19th. February 2005 at Leicester Walking Club HQ

1. Welcome
Peter Markham C.526 welcomed Centurions to the Leicester Walking Club HQ and wished everyone a successful meeting, and Sylvia Markham kindly offered refreshments which was greatly appreciated.

In accordance with tradition the Chair was offered to the Centurion present having the lowest number, namely John Eddershaw C.299, who declined and thanked the President for the invitation.

2. Period of Silence in Remembrance of Centurions
All present stood in silent remembrance of those Centurions who had died since the last AGM, namely: Denis Vale C.549. Roger Le Moine C.802, Thomas Milner C.234, Gunter Reeringh C.412. James O’Neil C.102, Phil (and Anne) Hastings, C.632, Gunter Breitkreuz C.523, Alois Olbert C.715, Denis Ashenden C.241, D. Seddon C.395, Jaap Stello C.895, Clifford Rushton C.539 and Norman Hopkinson C.262.

3. Apologies for Absence
The Hon. Secretary, Chris Flint C.849, said that a total of 39 apologies had been received. A list is attached to these Minutes.

4. Minutes of the AGM held on 21 February 2004
Pam Ficken C.934 proposed and Jill Green C.898 seconded that the Minutes be accepted as an accurate record, and were signed by the President, Carl Lawton C.750.

5. Matters Arising
(a) John Prior Stopwatch.
Bob Dobson said that a further valuation is to be done which would be reported to the Hon. Secretary in due course.

6. Election of New Centurions
The President expressed his pleasure that the Colchester 100 last August had produced a high proportion of new Centurions, 13 in total, of which 10 were from overseas. It was gratifying to see our Long Distance Championship being supported by such a large contingent of Dutch and other nationals. The names were read out. A comment was made that it was disappointing that none were present at their Election to the Brotherhood of Centurions. Kevin Marshall C.1001, Gerrit van Haandel C.1002, Ray Pitts C.1003, Connie Raijmakers C.1004, Huub Raijmakers C.1005, Sharon Gayter C.1006, Hugo Prinsen C.1007, Ernst Westerhoff C.1008, Boetje Huliselan C.1009, Dietmer Adam, C.1010, Peter Koolen C.1011, Mario Immink C.1012, Remke Rutgers C.1013.

Chris Flint proposed and Charlie Weston C.584 seconded their election, and this was agreed unanimously.

7. Hon. Secretary’s Report
His report is attached to these Minutes.

Peter Markham announced that male and female UK representative teams have been invited to compete at Bar-le Duc (200 kms) on 23-24 April 2005. There would be two managers. Those selected would be informed shortly, and details added to the Centurions web-site.

Acceptance of the Hon. Secretary’s report was proposed by Colin Young C.317 and seconded by Peter Markham. Agreed.

8. Hon. Treasurer’s Report
Paul Sargent C.430 presented his financial statement. A copy of the balance sheet for 2004 is attached to these Minutes. Paul commented that donations and sales of merchandise had been good during the past 12 months but there is still a decline in Centurions finances. Peter Markham said that stock in hand with a value of c.£400 should be converted into cash sales, and Jill Green C.898 expressed her concern that merchandise is being sold at almost cost prices. It was proposed by Charlie Weston and seconded by Jill Green that sales of all merchandise should be increased by 25% (except ties) on current prices. Agreed unanimously.

The Hon. Treasurer commented that Centurions could boost revenues by asking Clubs pay an extra sum for their members entering for a 100 miles race, and he also suggested that another Re-union Dinner should be held between now and 2011 (Centenary Year). He also suggested that each ticket sold could help subsidise Centurions funds. He was supported by Colin Young. The suggestion to hold a Dinner in 2006 at a possible London venue was referred to the Committee for their consideration.

Peter Markham expressed the need for caution if there was to be a general appeal to all Centurions as some are in financial difficulty and, also, there is a risk of crossing over with other appeals. The Committee was asked to collate the various suggestions how best to raise funds for the Centurions.

Charlie Weston proposed that the forthcoming 2005 Captain’s Christmas Letter should include an Appeal to raise monies, and he would like to see more Centurions writing to the Captain and President to start a dialogue between the Committee and Centurions. For example, Ulrich Kamm C.861 had sent a letter from the US with a donation and had included a poem which Kathy Crilley, as Centurions web master, has been asked to put on the website. Similarly, Dave Boxall has compiled some amusing poems about long distance walking. It was generally agreed that there should be greater use of e-mail as a means of internal and external communication.

It was agreed that new Centurions letter headed paper is now necessary following a number of changes amongst the Officers. The Hon. Treasurer wished to see the Centurions Handbook up-dated and copies sold.

9. Election of Officers
The re-election of Centurions Officers and Committee had been laid out in the Agenda, and John Eddershaw proposed and Peter Markham seconded that all Officers/Committee be re-elected en bloc. Agreed unanimously.

It was further proposed by Jill Green and seconded by Chris Flint that Kathy Crilley C.933 should be made the Assistant Secretary. Agreed unanimously.

10. Nomination of Sandra Brown C.735 as a Vice-President
John Eddershaw introduced his nomination of Sandra Brown C.735 to be a Vice-President by paying tribute to her extraordinary racing career. Since her election as a Centurion in 1982 Sandra has consistently excelled in ultra-distance races both in the UK and abroad and had made a spectacular impression on the record books. She is to be congratulated. John made the proposal which was seconded by Tony Kent C.636 and her election as a VP was agreed unanimously with warm applause and congratulations. In her absence Chris Flint read a note from Sandra expressing her sadness that she and Richard were unable to be present.

11. Centurions Trophy Conditions
The Hon. Secretary went through the revised Trophy Conditions (copy attached) and Colin Young proposed and John Eddershaw seconded that they be accepted. Agreed unanimously.

The Hon. Secretary said that the Centurions has two trophies, the Chas Shelley and the Bill King Memorial trophy, to be awarded. Following discussion Jill Green proposed and Pam Ficken seconded that the Chas Shelley trophy be awarded to the first woman aged 65 or over on the day of the race and, if agreed, that the Eddie McNeir trophy should be awarded to the first male aged 65 or over. Agreed unanimously.

It was further proposed by John Eddershaw and seconded by Kathy Crilley that the Bill King Memorial Trophy should be awarded to the 1st youngest male or female finisher of the 100 miles race. Agreed.

The Committee was asked to amend the Centurions Trophy Conditions with suitable wording so that these trophies can be awarded at the next 100 miles championship on 30/31 July this year at Kings Lynn.

12. Ratification of an amendment to the Centurions Guidelines
The Hon. Secretary briefly asked for ratification of the amendment for the Centurions financial year to be now 1st January to 31st December. Agreed.

13. Report of the 2004 Colchester 100 Miles Championship

Chris Flint said that the event had attracted a good field and was blessed with dry weather, and it was gratifying to see 13 new Centurions finish the race, many of whom were from overseas. The organisation over the 24 hours had stood up well, and he was particularly grateful to the small army of officials and helpers who had ensued that all went according to plan. The support from Colchester Borough Council and, in particular, the local MP, Bob Russell, was much appreciated.

14. Future 100’s
In the absence of Ron Wallwork C.983, Chris Flint read out a note compiled by Ron in which he encouraged the Centurions to consider taking responsibility for promoting 100 events and, also, to take responsibility for ensuring the promotion of 100 mile qualifying events. His reasoning for this change of role is that fewer and fewer clubs are coming forward to promote races. Ron also suggests that consideration be given to putting on such a promotion bi-annually, with the Dutch Centurions being supported in the blank year. The matter was opened up for discussion.

Peter Markham commented that the RWA has changed its rules and now ‘may’ include a long distance championship in their race fixtures. The implication is that the RWA 100 miles race should be treated as any other RWA championship and unless the RWA’s championship rules criteria is followed (ie, vests in club colours, etc and approved by the referee) then it would be difficult for the RWA to give support to the 100 miles. He also said that if the suggestion for bi-annual 100 mile races is taken up, it would perhaps pave the way to put on 100 km races in the blank years.

He also commented that as the RWA gives financial support for these races there is an expectation that long distance athletes should support other championship events.

Chris Flint said that Piet Jansens C.389 and a Vice Captain of the Centurions had written in response to Ron’s suggestions. Piet said that the CVN view is that if promoting a 100 miles event is the same as organising the event it is not a good
idea and, secondly, there is a great difference between a UK Centurion and a Continental Centurion. The two clubs in the Netherlands which organise 100 miles events do not want to adapt their rules to comply with the IAAF rules.

Peter Markham said that clubs should promote 100 miles events in conjunction with the Centurions but the overall costs are detrimental to clubs taking on this role of promoter. John Eddershaw said that Ron was not suggesting the Dutch 100 event could be a qualifying event for Centurions 1911 or integrated with the Dutch more than it is already. He felt that the CNV Committee needed clarification on this point. He supported the idea of a 100 km race every other year.

Jack Thomas said that the introduction of a ‘twilight race’ at Kings Lynn would make judging more difficult and would, in any case, be judged under domestic rules. Peter Markham was of the view that as the Dutch do not apply the IAAF rules then the RWA would be unlikely to give support to a 100 miles event in another country. Colin Young hoped that walkers would support the Dutch brethren every other year and also gain experience of Continental events.

At the end of the discussion, John Eddershaw proposed and Malcolm Blyth seconded that the future of 100’s in the UK should be considered by the Committee and report. Ron Wallwork was thanked for raising this issue.

15. Centurions Merchandise
In the absence of Richard and Sandra Brown their report was read out, and significant sales have been made especially of fleeces. There is now no need to purchase more stock as reserves are sufficient. If a Dinner is organised for 2006 then sales would be pushed, and it was suggested that stock could be taken to Weert for the Dutch 24 hours event on 7/8 May 2005. Both Sandra and Richard were thanked for their efforts.

16. Centurions Handbook
In the absence of the Archivist, Bob Watts, there was agreement for an updated version of the Handbook to include all new Centurions since the publication in 1997. It was suggested that a new Handbook should be produced for the Centenary in 2100, and the Hon. Secretary would speak to the archivist.

17. Centurions Centenary in 2011

John Eddershaw asked the Committee to consider what type of commemorative event should be organised. He had in mind an event in the Houses of Parliament, and the Centurions would require a sponsor. It was also suggested that the 100 miles event that year should be a ‘spectacular’ and there was an opportunity for considerable pre-event publicity for the Centurions. The Committee would consider options and report.

18. Date of Next AGM
Saturday 18 February 2006 at a venue to be decided.

The President then closed the meeting at 5.45 pm with thanks to Peter and Sylvia Markham and Leicestershire WC and to everyone for their attendance and he wished all a safe journey.

Date: 18th. February 2006

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