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2005 May

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Committee Minutes - May 2005
held on Thursday 12 May 2005 at SCR, 28 Great Tower Street, EC3R 5AT

Carl Lawton C.750 (President) Chris Flint C.849 (Hon. Secretary) Kathy Crilley C.933 (Assistant Secretary)

1.0 Apologies
John Eddershaw C.299, Ron Wallwork C.893, Charlie Weston C.584, Sue Clements C.950, Sandra Brown C.735, Richard Brown C.760, Jill Green C.898, and Ken Munro C.370. Paul Sargent C.430 in Tenerife, Colin Young C.317 in Portugal, also Cath & Peter Duhig who were both invited.

2.0 Minutes of the AGM held on 19th. February 2005.
The draft Minutes were discussed and, once checked by both Carl Lawton and Kathy Crilley for accuracy and content, they would be circulated to the Committee and to the attendees at the AGM in February at Leicester WC.
ACTION: Hon Secretary

3.0 Hon. Secretary’s Report
Chris Flint explained that despite the numbers of Committee members unable to attend it was important for a Committee meeting to be held in May to ensue that matters arising at the AGM are dealt with and to assist the organisers of the forthcoming 100 miles race. (Hon. Secretary’s Note: please see the prospective Committee dates under item 13).

There has been considerable correspondence from Centurions since the AGM including requests for a replacement Certificate (lost in the Carlisle floods!) and a replacement medal (lost whilst refurbishing a kitchen). The Hon. Secretary continues to deal with such matters.
A comprehensive list of Centurions has been compiled by Gerrit de Jong C.456 which details each successful and unsuccessful attempt at the 100 miles in the UK since J.E. Fowler-Dixon C.1 in 1877. There are some gaps in the records. It is an extremely useful resource and Gerrit is congratulated on his research. A copy is available through the Hon. Secretary. It is a bulky document.

4.0 Revision of Centurions Trophy Conditions.
The Centurions has two currently unused trophies, namely the Chas. Shelley Trophy and the Bill King Memorial Trophy. The AGM agreed that they be respectively awarded to the 1st woman aged 65 or over on the day of the 100 miles race (Chas Shelley) and to the 1st youngest male or female finisher of the 100 miles race (Bill King). The Specific Conditions for the award of the Eddie McNeir Shield would be amended to the 1st male walker aged 65 or over. The insurance policy shows that these trophies and the Scorer’s Trophy are included in the endorsement.
Piet Jansens C.389 of the CVN wishes to know whether the Hew Neilson 145 Trophy and the Eddie McNeir Shield can leave the UK. Under the insurance conditions the Hew Neilson cannot leave the UK. The Eddie McNeir Shield is different: the winner receives a shield appropriately engraved which is his personal possession. The Trophy Conditions would be amended, and Piet Jansens informed.
ACTION: Hon. Secretary/Hon. Treasurer.

5.0 Centurions Merchandise
As agreed at the AGM the price list for Centurions merchandise should show an increase of 25% (except ties). Sandra & Richard Brown to be made aware of this price increase. The aim is to increase revenues.

6.0 Future of 100 Miles Races
This matter was referred to the Committee by the AGM. It is prompted by Ron Wallwork’s thoughts about future Hundreds. Considered responses had been received from Piet Jansens and the CVD Committee, and from Sandra & Richard Brown. In short, Ron is advocating that the Centurions should take responsibility for ensuring the promotion of 100 mile qualifying events. He also suggests that such races should be held bi-annually, with support given to the Dutch 100 in the blank year.
The Committee re-examined the definition of a Centurion. It contains the words ".has walked in competition in Great Britain". This implies that 100 miles events are held under the same rules and regulations that control other races, namely IAAF and RWA rules. The RWA has consistently supported Clubs organising the 100 miles races and has incorporated its annual Long Distance Championship in with the 100’s. RWA Championship medals and trophies are awarded and its Officials have paid a significant part in the administration of the race, whether through recording, judging or results. Many competitors take part in the race either as individuals or as a team member because it is a national championship.
The difficulty for Centurions 1911 is that it is a Brotherhood and has no affiliation with the RWA. Consequently, the latter would not recognise the Centurions as an organising Club and especially as there are still clubs willing to organise races.
The Committee view is that:
future 100 mile races must be promoted by an RWA affiliated club, supported and advised by the Centurions 1911.
 It is generally agreed that future 100’s should be held every other year, with the Dutch 100 being supported in the blank year
There is no support for the proposition of a Centurions 1911 event in the Netherlands, and Piet and his Committee would strenuously resist attempts to integrate the UK Centurions 100 miles with the Dutch 100 miles
The Committee encourages the RWA to re-introduce a 100 km race, either incorporated in the 100 miles or as a separate championship in the ‘blank’ year.

As regards the immediate future, in 2005 Ryston Runners are promoting the 100 miles, in 2007 either Surrey WC or Lancashire WC (it is the latter clubs’ centenary), in 2009 at Newmarket and 2011 is Centenary year. This would be a special celebration.

7.0 Centenary Celebrations : Preparatory Thoughts for 2011
The Committee agreed that a Working Group should be formed and Carl, Chris and Kathy would start the ‘ball rolling’ for what it is hoped will be a memorable occasion. Other Centurions would be co-opted and their involvement would be greatly appreciated. The following issues were discussed:
Date:  11 May 2011 (or as near to the 131st day of the year)
Venue:  Options include the Houses of Parliament, the RAF Club, a City of London Livery Hall, or even the original ‘Ship & Turtle’, 131 Leadenhall Street, EC.
Invitees:  All UK Centurions and their wives/partners, and invitations to be sent to Centurions in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, US etc.
Week-end of activities eg  race, quiz, tours, visits etc.
Grand Dinner with high profile speakers.
Special awards
Kathy will compile a Suggestion Form for the website. The membership will be encouraged to make their suggestions for the Centenary event.
The WG will also consider the suggestion made at the AGM for a Dinner to be held in 2006.
ACTION: Kathy Crilley and the Working Group.

8.0 Letter headed paper
Agreed that new Centurions letter headed paper is now required following a change of Officers. The logo should show a Centurion holding a sword (as agreed at the AGM) with the Centurions Officers’ names clustered around the logo.
ACTION: Hon. Secretary/Hon.Ass. Secretary
9.0  Handbook
The Committee agreed that:
There is a need for the existing Handbook to be brought up to date as soon as possible (the Captain, Charlie Weston, has done some work which is appreciated) and this should be in the form of a Supplement for the years 1997 to 2005.
There should be a commemorative Centenary Edition
There is concern that records for the years 1946 to 1959 have gone missing, believed destroyed. All Centurions are asked to search their own personal records to retrieve Centurions related information of use to the Archivist.
Concern was expressed that the promise of an update of the Handbook has not materialised.
ACTION: Hon. Secretary/Hon. Archivist.

10.0 Revenue Generation
The AGM had referred to the Committee the need for positive ideas to improve the Centurions finances, and one method was through revenue generation. It was agreed that the President and Captain would use their respective Christmas newsletters to make appeals, contact should be made with some of the mainstream athletic funding groups, a note would go on to the website, etc.
11.0 Website
It would be updated to contain details of the AGM, the Trophy Conditions, the deliberations of the Centenary Working Group, Discussion Groups, the forthcoming 100 miles at Kings Lynn, etc.
ACTION: Kathy Crilley
12.0 Kings Lynn 100 Miles
The Committee discussed the Kings Lynn 100 miles. The issues covered:
the manning of the Official refreshments venues,
food check list
the requirement for each competitor to have a supporter,
digital clock
championship chip (lap recording)
software for the results.
ACTION:  Ron Wallwork to speak to Peter Duhig regarding lap recording.

13.0 Any Other Business
14.0 Date of Next Meeting
There would be a visit to Kings Lynn in mid-June by Centurions Officers, and a full Committee meeting in early September. Dates to be arranged.
The meeting closed at 9.10 pm with thanks from the President.

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