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2006 February

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Centurions 95th. Anniversary Re-union & Dinner

                     Notes of Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd February 2006

Carl Lawton (CL), Sue Clements (SC), Jill (and Dave) Green (JG), Colin Young (CY), Paul Sargent (PS), Chris Flint (CF) and Kathy Crilley (KC).

Venue & Times
  • 1.30 pm (for 2pm start) - AGM. Paul Sargent has arranged thro’ Sue Smith, the Conference & Banqueting Manager at the RAF Club, for the AGM to be held in the Drawing Room. Capacity about 40 persons.  Teas/coffees/water to be provided (ACTION – PS to arrange).
  • 5 pm – Closing of AGM
  • 5pm to 6pm – Change into lounge suits using the Club facilities
  • 6pm to 7 pm  - PreDinner drinks in the Club Bar on the ground floor.Each person to have a complimentary glass of Buck’s Fizz or sherry (dry or medium).  Payment thereafter over the bar. (ACTION – CF to discuss with Sue Smith when discussing final choice of menu).
  • 7pm – Dinner in the Ballroom which can accommodate up to a maximum of 140 persons (top table and sprigs) or 120 (round tables of 10 or 12).  Decision awaits numbers attending.
  • 10pm – Master of Ceremony’s to close the formal Dinner to allow for circulation, catch trains, etc.
  • 11pm – Carriages.

Cost of Tickets
Agreed that each ticket to cost £27.50.  The menu (yet to be chosen) is £30.  Subsidy by the Centurions of £2.50 each plus a complimentary drink on arrival at the Club Bar (CL has generously said he would fund the complimentary drinks).
Table wines to be ordered prior to Dinner at the Club Bar.
Agreed that money to be paid when reserving a place and no refunds, other than in exceptional circumstances.  The cut off date for Dinner tickets is set for 23rd. September 2006.  The RAF Club require confirmation of numbers not later than 14 days before the function, and final numbers not later than 7 days prior to the function.  Charges to be based on the final number even if some guests do not attend. (ACTION – CF and SC to collate final names/numbers).

Formal dress: Lounge Suits

Ticket/Menu design/Flowers/Trophy Display/Photographer
  • SC and CL will produce some ideas for the ticket design (ACTION – SC & CL)
  • The RAF Club to provide the Menus according to our wishes (ACTION - CF)
  • Pam Ficken has kindly agreed to do the table flower arrangements. (ACTION – PF)
  • Centurion trophies to be put on display (table).  Trophies to be presented at the Dinner to winners of the Isle of Man event this summer (ACTION – CF)
  • Agreed that there should be a display board for photographs, memorabilia, etc. (ACTION – ALL)
  • Tim Watt to be approached, and Amy Lawton could be persuaded!

Agreed that the Dinner would be open to guests/partners.

Overnight Accommodation at the RAF Club
PS said that the Club offered a discounted rate for Friday/Saturday stays.  He has reserved 12 rooms (7 twins, 2 singles and 2 doubles) = 20 persons.  Various rates apply.
Alternative accommodation was considered eg EasyHotel, etc.

Toastmaster/Master of Ceremony
Agreed that Dave Ainsworth to be approached.  If unable or unwilling then to approach Andy Bignold. (ACTION – CF).

In view of his involvement in ultra distance racing it was agreed to invite Peter Selby, Surrey WC, and his partner as the guest of the Centurions.

JG to arrange for a crystal glass ornament suitably engraved to be presented to Piet Jansens for his long service as the Secretary of the Dutch Brotherhood of Centurions (ACTION – JG)

Order of Events/Speakers
  • Agreed that speakers should be Centurions, as follows:
  • Welcome  – The President
  • Grace – John Eddershaw, Past President (ACTION – CF)
  • Welcome to the Guests – Charlie Weston, Captain (ACTION – CF)
  • Response – Peter Selby (if unable, then Ron Wallwork) (ACTION – CF)
  • Closure – The President
  • Dinner concludes at 10pm (Guests to circulate, etc)

Presentation of Trophies/Certificates
The award of Centurions trophies to be made by the President and, subject to time available and the numbers involved, also the award of Certificates. Medals to be presented after the 100 miles in Douglas, IOM.

For those not attending the AGM (non-Centurions) a guided tour of the City of Westminster.  (ACTION – CF to approach Reg Denny, a registered London guide).
Dave Green willing to act as back marker.

Agreed that CF would prepare a notice of the event with details of venue, price, accommodation, etc to be distributed to those Centurions on the Christmas letter mailing list, and to the Continental Centurions thro’ Piet Jansens.  KC to also add to the website.  

KC willing to collate all applications for tickets (ACTION – CK).

Next Meeting
Wednesday 2 August 2006 at 6pm.

JG thanked SC, Ron Wallwork and CF for their efforts to update the list of new Centurions.

                                          Meeting Closed at 9.20 pm.

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