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2008 Race round-up

Bar le Duc 24 hours 12th -13th April 2008


Kevin Marshall




Chris FLint



Dijon 24 hours 2008

1st (L)

Sandra Brown




Kevin Marshall



Schiedam Wandelweekend 31st May-1st June 2008

100 miles

Sandra Brown
Chris Flint

100 miles
100 miles


50 miles

Kathy Crilley

50 miles


Milton Keynes
RWA 100 miles Long Distance Championship


Marcelino Sobczak

100 miles



Ian RIchards


4th/1st L

Sandra Brown



Alf Short



Dave Jones



Chris Flint



Ollie Brown



Martin Fisher



Bob Austin



Sean Pender


St Thibault 24 hours, France


Stephane Paille



2nd/1st L

Sandra Brown



2008 race roundup
British Centurions took part in many races at home and abroad during 2008.

Reports from...
Just one week after completing the LDWA (Long Distance Walking Association) 100 miles yomp up and down the Yorkshire Dales, Sandra Brown walked a very decisive race around Princes Beatrix Park in Rotterdam.
Thinking she would need the whole 24 hours to complete the 100 miles, she did, in fact, finish in an amazing 20 hours and 14 minutes. 
The weather was forecast to be rather mixed over the weekend- varying from possible torrential downpour for Saturday morning to clear and sunny skies, climaxing in 81 degrees a severe storms on Sunday. Fortunately, not a drop of rain until after the finish - despite a thunder storm in the early hours of Sunday.
Marcelino Sobszak (winner of Battersea park 100 miles in 2007) dropped out with hip problems after 7 hours with  62.809km leaving Sandra to finish well ahead of the rest of the field.
Chris Flint (London Vids) finished strongly in 22:22:12 in 13th place. For Chris, this was his second 100 miles within 6 weeks, having competed in Bar le Duc in April.
The Dutch RWV club put on a very good mix of races during their "Wandelweekend". Distances of 50km, 50 English miles, 100km, 100 English miles and a 24 hour race give walkers a chance to try and move up the distances in a very structured way. It also ensures the race is well attended with an overall field of 99 walkers.  The 100 miles, 24 hour and 50km started at noon and with a generous 10 hour time limit for the 50km, it gave novices a taste of long distance racing.
The 100km race went off at 6pm - only three takers for this distance. Ad Leermakers, no stranger to our own 100 mile races, finished in 3rd place with 14.06.50.
The last race and second popular distance was the 50 miles which kicked off at 8pm. The sun had disappeared  behind the clouds by this time and the heat of the day was definitely fading. Kathy Crilley (SWC) was  testing the water with this race not having walked this distance for several years, A steady walk ensured a strong finish in 4th place (20th overall in) 12hours 48 minutes.
And not only all this - we get full results with individual splits at the presentation and then... all the results emailed out within 24 hours. Now that is organisation!

St Thibault

The 24hour race of St Thibault de Vignes (September 2008) is the latest addition on the Paris-Colmar qualifying race circuit.
St Thibault is an old Roman ville on the banks of the Marne and only 15 minute drive from Eurodisney - so getting there is just so easy by Eurostar. For old timers (in race walking terms!) - it is close to Lagny sur Marne and Torcy and appears to have taken on the race walking mantle where they have left off.
Having got there by train, Sandra was supported by husband Richard SWC member Kathy Crilley, and literally out of the proverbial carrier bag!  We set up shop close to the official feeding station - hijacking table and chairs from the close-by gym facilities. Immediately, the people on the feeding station came over and told us that any thing we wanted (whether for Sandra or ourselves) just ask/take. Indeed, when the heavens opened in the early hours of the morning they rushed over and grabbed our bags and took them (and us) to shelter in their tent. Now this was service with a smile! Merci beaucoup!
Organised by Georges TAMBUTE, it would seen he had thought of everything. The Mayor set the race off, the course (about a 20-25 minute circuit according to Sandra's schedule) was in a park and therefore traffic free. There was provision for the "tent village" and there were local shops /restaurants/cafes close by and the gym provided toilets and even a bit of space to get your head down. What more could a supporter ask for?
Sandra was at her best. Her main "rival" was Kora Bloufflert, the French 24 hour running champion, who was using St Thibault as a training event for the upcoming World 24 Hour Running Championships. In fact Kora is/was an extremely useful racewalker turned runner, having competed in many a P-C qualifier and PC itself, in her day. Kora set off at a cracking and aggressive pace and luckily Sandra just bided her time - quite rightly when you see the results.
The last few hours were the most exciting race moments witnessed in a 24 hour race! Sandra having overtaken Kora, early Sunday morning, was fast closing in on the leading men! Richard & I were busily computing lap times of not just Sandra, but of her main contenders (well it did manage to keep us awake!). One by one, Sandra picked them off.
In the last hour it would seem possible that Sandra might even catch Stephane and win outright. If only my maths were that good!
In fact (sadly) Stephane "woke up" to the fact that Sandra was almost about to overtake him and his support team then turned out full strength to drag him round the last 60 minutes. Tant pis (as they say in France) another lap and Sandra would have clinched the title!!
I have supported Sandra in lots of races (as well as competing in the same races) but I have to say, this was Sandra at her very best. Personally, I have never seen Sandra walk so well throughout an entire 24 hour race. When the thought that she might just beat Stephane and win, she just dug in and went for it.  No moans, grumbles or complaints. Just a smile on her face. Parfait.

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