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Dijon 24 & 6 hours, 26th April 2009

Both the 24 hour and 6 hour race covered the same lap around Lac Kir on the outskirts of Dijon. Saturday was warm and pleasant and so it started out at the start on Sunday. However, the promised rain soon arrived and the temperature took  a dive. With only the ducks for company the 6 hour walkers joined the dozen or so remnants of the 24 hour race to tour the  lake. (Kir avec de l'eau?). 

Despite having competed in Bar le Duc 50km two weeks earlier Kathy Crilley kept a steady pace to complete 12 laps (of 3.671k) to finish second.
The 6 hours race in Dijon was tagged onto the 24 hours race at the very last moment. The French have been awash with races covering 6 hours, 100km and 24 hours in  the space of a few weeks, notwithstanding the upcoming French 50km championship on the 9th May. No wonder the attendance at some of the events was a little thin on the ground.

Dols Corinne AFA Feyzin 6:06:23 51.
Crilley Kathy Surrey Walking Club 6:10:40 44.05
Clerc Florence CM Dijon 5.54.57 36.71 


Labarre Bertrand CS Provins Athl. 6:06:23 55.06
Meteau Jean-Paul NL Neuilly-sur-Marne 5:46:32 51.39
Pichon Jean AM St Thibault des Vignes 6:16:11 47.72
Haghebaert Patrick NL Verdilly 5:45:34 44.05
Maréchal Jean NL Château-Thierry 5:46:39 44.05
Haghebaert Eric NL Chézy 6:13:10 44.05

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