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AGM Minutes - 2010
Held at the London Irish Rifles Regimental Association, Connaught House, 4 Flodden Road, London SE5 9LL on Saturday,30th January 2010

Dave Ainsworth C.540, Sue Clements C.959, Kathy Crilley C.933, Bob Dobson C.786, J. Eddershaw C.299, J. Errington C.693, Pam Ficken C.934, Chris Flint C849, Steve Kemp C.1075, Carl Lawton C.750, Alan O’Rawe C.791, Sean Pender C.1067, Hans Rennie C.915, Ann Sayer C.599, Dave Sharpe C578, Ian Statter C.968, Mark Wall C.1069, Wendy Watson C.1000, Charlie Weston C.584, and Colin Young C.317.

The President, Carl Lawton C.750, welcomed attendees to the AGM. John Eddershaw C.299, the lowest numbered Centurion present, was invited to chair the meeting.

In rememberance
Hon. Secretary, Chris Flint C.849, gave names of Centurions recently deceased, as follows:
Robert Porter C. 721, Ron Purkis C652, J.R. Taylor C.250, E.W. Shaw C159,M.C.E. Cazely C161, V.J. Dillon C165, N.S. Stephenson C180, A.H. Foster C248,, P.A. Jobson C249, M. Kastelijns C387, D.R. Hill C398, J van Elfen C520, M. Bruil C.541, Keith Read C547 and Vi McSweeney, aged 95, the widow of Sid McSweeney C289. All stood to pay their respects.
The Hon. Secretary invited attendees to pay tributes. Dave Ainsworth paid tribute to Bob Porter and Ron Purkis; Charlie Weston had received a letter from Freddie Baker who paid tribute to Bob Porter’s comradeship amongst Centurions; John Eddershaw paid tribute to J.R. Taylor who was a very good friend.

News of Centurions
Chris Flint had received a letter from a friend of Brian Scrivens C.337 with detail of Brian’s ill health. The Hon Secretary hadresponded. Ken Munro C.370 (who had sent his apologies) was about to go into hospital for tests. Bill Nichols C.374 had sent his
apologies and best wishes. John Errington told the meeting of Wally Johnson’s heart attack - and reported on his recovery.

Election of new Centurions
The President, Carl Lawton, reported that Chris Flint had awarded the new Dutch Centurions their certificates at the Dutch annual meeting in November. Jill Green C.898, Sandra Brown C.735 and Kathy Crilley C.933 also attended.
The latest Centurions (Newmarket 2009) Mark Wall C.1069 and Steve Kemp C.1075 were awarded their certificates and invited to say a few words. Mark told of his enjoyment of the experience - it had taken a long time happening. He enjoyed and appreciated the help he was given on the day. Steve gave thanks to Alan O’Rawe and his family for his help and support and the encouragement he had received from fellow Centurions.
Andy Trigg C.1076 and Micky Sutton C1078 had sent their apologies as both were unable to attend the meeting (Hon. Secretary’s Note: both have now been presented with their Certificates on separate occasions).

Apologies for Absence.
These were noted and the list is available through the Hon. Secretary

Minutes of previous AGM on 31st January 2009 were read and it was noted that Ann Sayer had been missed off the list of attendees. Apologies were given to Ann. The Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and signed by the President.

Matters Arising.
As noted at the last AGM, the Hon. Secretary had asked Ken Munro C.370 to give an update on the John Prior stopwatch. The watch has been refurbished in Switzerland and Ken wrote to say it had been lost en route back to the UK. Ken had generously offered to pay for the watch. Chris proposed that Ken should write to Omega to claim compensation as the fault was theirs.

Hon. Secretary’s Report (Chris Flint)
Chris highlighted the major events of the year. Many had commented on the length of the presentation at Newmarket due to the Vets’ award and those for the supporting races being done before the presentation of the awards for the the major race. Many
athletes had left before receiving their awards. The Brotherhood had received several donation from fellow Centurions, totalling 175.00 plus $50 from the US. Chris was thanked for his hard work during the last year. [Copy of the Report attached to Minutes]

Hon. Treasurer’s Report ( Hans Rennie C.915)
The last audited accounts were for the year ending 31st December 2006. It has been a difficult year again as Hans has tried to reconcile the accounts without actual access to the original books. Hans presented the accounts which had been verified by the auditor, Alex Ross . The accounts stand at £2212.27. Dave Sharpe proposed the accounts accepted and seconded by John Errington C693), Colin Young and Mark Wall both thanked Hans for his hard work. Agreed by all.

Election of Officers
John Errington proposed that the President, Hon Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Captain be re- elected. This was unanimously agreed. All these Officers were re-elected en bloc.
Other Offices:
Web Master: Kathy Crilley C.933
Centurions Merchandise: Ian Statter C968
Chris Flint proposed that Kathy and Ian (if willing) should continue in their roles. Seconded by Sue Clements. All in favour.
Archivist: Bob Watts. C.838
The position of Archivist
Chris stated that the archivist was not achieving what we expected of him. It is proving difficult to compile a Centenary publication without access to the material. At the 2009 AGM, Bob had been re-elected as archivist on condition that access is gained to the material and Centurions could remove whatever was necessary for research. The President had tried to contact Bob with no success. Dave Ainsworth reported that both Bob and Ken had said they would be attending the AGM. Sue reported that she was waiting for some data to complete the Handbook.
It was agreed that the first step is to find out how much material Bob has. Dave Ainsworth proposed that Bob should be formally asked to attend the next Committee meeting. Seconded by Dave Sharpe.
Ian Statter and Colin Young told the meeting of an athletics archive being set up at a pubic school in Kent (near Chatham) by Tom McNab, Mel Watt, Peter Matthews and others. Colin Young would investigate whether permission would be given to the Centurions to store the archives at the school. Ian and Kathy agreed to work together on a process to get the archives scanned and digitised and fully available to all.

Presentation of plaques to Vice-Presidents
The President presented a plaque to Charlie Weston (the Centurions elected to be Vice-Presidents, Sandra Brown and Jill Green were unable to attend the AGM and their plaques would be presented on another occasion). Charlie gave a speech of thanks.

Proposal by Piet Jansens C.389 on behalf of Centurion Vereniging Nederland.
It was proposed by Piet that Presidents of CVN should be elected as Vice-Presidents of the Brotherhood of Centurions. It was agreed that there was much merit in electing Gerrit de Jong C.456 (the current President of CVN) as VP as he has contributed so much to the updated edition of the Handbook.After much discussion it was agreed not to accept Piet’s proposal but forward a new proposal to elect Gerrit as VP (and any future CVN President would be elected on merit).

Report on the 100 Miles championship at Newmarket 2009 (Ron Wallwork C.893)
No report as Ron was unable to attend having been held up by traffic. It was noted that there were four new UK Centurions, Micky Sutton C 1078, Steve Kemp C1075, Andy Trigg C.1076 and Mark Wall C.1069; Carol Baird from Australia C1071 and three walkers from the Netherlands, two from Belgium and one from France, making a total of eleven new Centurions.

100 miles in 2010 - update (Chris Flint)
The organiser from the Isle of Man (Eamon Harkin) had written in November 2009 after their decision not to proceed organising the 100 mile race in 2010 in the Isle of Man. Their decision was based on the refurbishment of the National Sports Centre in Douglas
in 2010 (perimeter road, track and changing rooms) would not be finished in time for the race.
The RWA and Centurions had recommended that there should be a manual back up of recording. (This was based on past failures of the chip system deployed by the race organisers).
Chris had also asked Liz Curran if the Parish Walk (85 miles) could possibly be extended by 15 miles - Liz had responded that they did not have the resources to do this.
John Eddershaw (Chair) thanked Chris for all the hard work he had done to secure a100 mile race for 2010.
After much discussion Ian Statter proposed that the cancellation should be “advertised” and ask if any club would be prepared to promote the race. Seconded by Dave Sharpe.

Centurions Centenary 2011
The Centenary Dinner was to be held on the 14 May 2011 at the Palace of Westminster - House of Commons, Members Dining Room.
Richard Dunwoody had been sounded out as guest speaker and seemed keen to be there.
Chris reported that all 170 places had been taken and as guests were also invited, this did mean that we were excluding a possible 85 Centurions. Options were discussed: exclude guests (which would alienate Centurions and there would the possibility of not reaching 170 diners - upon which the ticket price was dependent) or, revert to the option of the Tower Hotel. This hotel could hold several hundred guests, but the venue was not particular special and therefore we may not attract a large number of guests. Kathy reported that the dinner was almost booked up within a couple of weeks of the form going out with the Christmas letter and a waiting list was now operating. It was agreed that (1) a deposit would be non-refundable and (2) further discussion would take place at the next committee.
Dave Ainsworth has offered to coordinate a tour of the Olympic site on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The President, Carl Lawton, is hoping he can organise a tour of the Houses of Parliament. Details of both events to follow in due course.

Other Commemorative Centenary events in 2011

There will be the annual RWA Long Distance Championship. Mark Easton of Surrey Walking Club Is organising this. As yet, a venue has still to be found.
Alan O’Rawe suggested that the race number of Centurions participating should reflect the athlete’s Centurion number. This was thought to be a good idea but dependent on the race organising committee.

Website Kathy Crilley (C933)
Due to time restraints, Kathy gave a brief report : the website was still getting a number of healthy “hits”. Peak times were naturally around the 100 mile race. Any contributions and suggestions are always gratefully received.

Merchandise Ian Statter C968
There was no report but several people reported that there were some outstanding orders waiting to be filled.

Handbook update (Sue Clements C.950)
Sue was investigating several printing options and that sales would recoup the production costs of around £1500.00 for 500 copies.
The new revised handbook will be published around October 2010 with a cover price around £8.00. Cath Duhig and Andrew Sacker had done an excellent job on proof reading. The sword on the Centurions logo would now appear on all merchandise and letter headings and other publications of the Centurions.

Next Annual General Meeting
The date was fixed at Saturday, 29th January 2011. Venue to be decide

The AGM closed at 4.45pm with thanks from the President to all those attending and to Sean Pender for organising the venue.

Signed……………………………………………………………………………………………….. President


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