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2010 July

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Committee Minutes - July 2010
Centurions Committee Meeting Friday, 2nd July 2010 at SCR, Willis Building, London

Chris Flint, Kathy Crilley,, Carl Lawton, Ann Sayer, Hans Rennie, Colin Young, Sue Clements

Apologies: John Eddershaw, Ron Wallwork, Charlie Weston, Jill Green, Sandra Brown, Richard Brown

The death of Bill Maxwell was reported.
Sue Clements was congratulated on her move to Spain and was given a card signed by those present

Minutes of last meeting:
An apology was received from Kathy for not sending out the Minutes of the last meeting.
Amendments to those present: Ann Sayer, Colin Young, Sue Clements, Dave Ainsworth were omitted and from apologies : Charlie Weston, Ron Wallwork
the donation from Cliff Royle as £15.00 not £50.

Treasurer’s Report
Donations have been received.
The bank account stands at £2554,73.

Centenary Dinner
a. A meeting was held in April to discuss the financial aspects of the Centenary (Chris Flint and Hans Rennie)
b. Price increase: Chris reported a 30% increase in the dinner costs and the costs of a ticket has now risen to £60.00 per person.
c. Hans had been investigating the cost of a memento for each guest /or Centurion. It was decided to wait until October to decide whether we had sufficient numbers .
d. The cost of raffle prizes: 1st prize - £30.00; 2nd prize - £25.00; 7th prize £ £7.00. These costs have yet to be confirmed. TIckets would be sold at £1.00 each. Kathy to sell the tickets.
e.Requests for deposits to be sent out asap - £30.00 per person with the full amount paybable at the end of February 2011. Action: Kathy to send out letters
f. Kathy will pay in money; Hans to supply bank account details
g. CHris reported that there would be a £750 cancellation fee at the HoC, plus if the numbers fell below 120 attendees there would be a 3750.00 surcharge. The Tower Hotel venue is still open.
h. All transfer fees from overseas Centurions will have to borne by themselves.
i. Official Guests: Piet Janssen and wife Janni an dBob Russell MP will the official guests.
The guest speaker has yet to be decided. RIchard Dunwoody was a preferred choice.
Action: Chris to speak to Ron Wallwork to ascertain availability and willingness and to Bob Russell.
j. Memorabelia: Once more the discussion focussed on the lack of communication from Bob Watts over the Centurions archive. Ann volunteered to contact him and visit. Action: Ann to contact Bob Watts

Handbook (Sue)
Sue has produced the last (5th) draft of the new edition. Sue reported that Gerrit de Jong had identified mistakes in the original handbook and questioned who has the correct version. Colin volunteered to
check and Sue will incorporated any amendments in to the draft. A letter was (has?) been sent to Bob Watts for the original Minute Book.
The production cost will be around £1500.00 - the known amount should be available by the autumn. Ann volunteered to post the books and an order form will be sent with the Christmas Letter.
Chris will email previous minutes of meetings and AGMs to Sue. Action: Chris It was agreed that the cost of the Handbook would be £10.00

Centenary Celebration Booklet (Kathy)
It will be published towards the end of 2011 to take account of the events in 2011 - the Dinner, 100 miles, etc. It will,of course, be dependent on having enough material to work from.

Centurions/London Vidarians 100 miles race
Chris reported on the progress on the organisation of the race and asked whether the Centurions would support the event. The Committee agreed to support the race and Kathy
volunteered to help with the organisation - especially during the event as Chris would be competing.
Whilst it clashes with Basildon and the British Masters, five judges have beed secured but recorders and timekeepers were needed. Carl said he would also be available during the weekend. John May had already volunteered.
Help was required to run the water station at the turn point, the feeding station and a digital clock was required. Kathy volunteered to provide signage, notices and the entries.

Dae of next meeting: 22nd October 2010 at Willis Building

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