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2010 March

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Committee Minutes March 2010
Centurions Committee Meeting Friday, 19th March 2010 held at SCR, Willis Building, London

Chris Flint, Kathy Crilley,, Jill Green, Sandra Brown, Richard Brown, Carl Lawton, Ian Statter, Ann Sayer, Dave Ainsworth, Colin Young, Sue Clements

Apologies : John Eddershaw, Hans Rennie Ron Wallwork, Charlie Weston

Donation of £15.00 received from Cliff Royle
Donation of £25.00 received from Jack Rawley
Ron Eaton is now in an old people’s home

Presentation of Vice-President Trophies
Sandra Brown and Jill Green were each presented with the VIce-President trophy by Secretary, Chris Flint.

Minutes of last Meeting held 14th November 2009
Matters arising:
(1)The special Centenary postage stamp application was turned down. Sue is now looking into whether we could have a postmark or smile stamp, etc.
(ii)The sword - not the spear should appear on the logo on all publications, clothing, badges,etc. It is unclear who has the original logo.

Hon Treasurers Report
Hans had sent his report to Chris. The deposit of £500.00 has been paid to the House of Commons. Chris to ask the HoC for written confirmation.

Centenary Dinner
It was agreed that the financial aspects would be worked at at the special finance meeting to beheld in April - to be attended by Chris, Hans and Kathy.
The pre-dinner drinks will be courtesy of the President, Carl Lawton.
Official guest: Ron Wallwork thought that Richard Dunwoody was interested but had not committed a decision.
Discussion on speakers - Bob Russell MP - welcome (3 minutes); Carl - loyal toast; Andy Bignold - MC.
Rather than have guests speak we would follow the tradition of the MC proposing that a guest would like to take wine with....
It was agreed that Chris would cancel the Tower Hotel provisional booking once he had received conformation from the HoC.
TIckets: Kathy Circulated a list of Centurions and guests who have applied for tickets.
It was agreed that an overspill into the Strangers Dining Room was not an option.
(1) Loss of Brian Ficken’s personal memorabilia: Brian is reluctant to loan any more of his personal collection. Chris will check with the RAF Club in case Brian’s missing material had been found, although it was unlikely even it it had that they would still have it.
(2) Centurions collection with the Watts Brothers - it was felt that we might not have any material to exhibit, therefore Dave Ainsworth will contact the Watts once more.
(3) Sandra thought that Surrey WC archive might contain material relating to the early Centurions.
(4) it was felt that the Centurions’ archive should not be housed at a private school (see AGM minutes)
(5) It was suggested that Centurions attending the Dinner could bring along any memorabilia with them to be exhibited - and either leave it with the Committee or take it home at the end of the evening.

Sue has costed a minimum price for the new Handbook at £8.00 for a print run of 500.
[Note: correspondence after the meeting suggested that £10.00 should be a more appropriate cost to reflect the work put into the new edition]

Centurions Centenary Book
It was agreed that this should be published post dinner - ie towards the end of the centenary year in 2011 which could then include the any celebratory events which has taken place eg the DInner, the 100 miles race, etc.

2011 100 miles race
Surrey WC was still looking for a venue

(i) Sue: the logo should show the sword NOT the spear.
(ii) Merchandise- Ian. possibility of Centenary edition merchandise to be sold for the duration of 2011. Ian was investigating ties, fleece, polo shirt, etc. Ian will cost out such items. Ian was also trialling a new showerproof fleece which will be priced around £20-25.
(iii)The postage and costs on the website were out of date - Ian to send Kathy updated prices and send an order form, etc.
(iv)Centenary Logo. Everyone to submit ideas asap.
(v) 2010 100 miles race: Chris was investigating Colchester as a venue (August date)

Date of Next Meeting
Friday, 2nd July 2010 at SCR, Willis Building, London at 6pm

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