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2010 October

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Committee Minutes October 2010
Centurions Committee Meeting Friday, 22nd October 2010 at SCR, Willis Building, London.

Chris Flint, Kathy Crilley,, Carl Lawton, Ann Sayer, Hans Rennie, Colin Young, Sue Clements (via tel conf), Ian Statter, Dave Ainsworth

Apologies: John Eddershaw, Ron Wallwork, Charlie Weston, Jill Green, Sandra Brown, Richard Brown

News of Centurions:

  • Keith Wilson C865 has celebrated his 80th birthday

  • Ken Turner C581 : Dave Ainsworth attended Ken’s funeral

  • The death of John Hampshire C325 was reported

  • Doug Fotheringham has been elected a life member of the MPAAA (Met Police)

  • The funeral of Brian Ficken (husband to Pam C934) was held on 17 September - many Centurions attended

  • Ollie Brown C789 raised £4500.00 for Help For Heroes

Minutes of last meeting:
Read and accepted

Treasurer’s Report
A decision was made to write off the previous books and ledgers as it was thought the Committee would not be able to retrieve them from the previous Treasurer.
Cheques have been paid in for the Centenary Dinner (£3150). Money had been ring-fenced in order to pay upfront costs of the new handbook and dinner costs.
Hans reported on the costs of the memento of a medal to presented to each Centurion at the Centenary Dinner. There would be an opportunity for those not attending the dinner to purchase the memento at
£3.00 each.

Handbook (Sue via tel conf)
The ISBN has been sorted out and work on this is in progress. Sue reported that the ISBN had to be bought in blocks of 10. It was agreed that one number could be used for the Centenary Celebratory
Final last minute details are ready to be inserted-new additions to the handbook are from 1997 onwards. Sue met the publisher on 8th October and agreed to the proposal of an A5 which was more
economical. If we agreed to the proposal to for the publisher to insert “Print Hut” on the back cover, then there would be a slight reduction. All agreed.
A hard copy and electronic proof for review will be available before the final published version is made available.
Sue was now waiting for the final quote. It was agree that the sale price would be £10.00 plus £1.00 p
+p. There will be a print run of 500 copies.
The publisher will provide a link to his website in order for the Committee to view online. Sue will circulate the electronic copy to review before publication. A CD will also be circulated to Ann, Chris and

Centenary Dinner (Kathy)
To date there were 148 on the reservation list (20 had cancelled - mostly overseas Centurions) of which 49 had paid for tickets in full and 45 had paid deposits. The cut-off for deposits was 30th October -
a reminder letter will posted 1st November.
Chris reported that Ron Wallwork was still chasing a response from Richard Dunwoody and/or agent as the official speaker.
If nothing has been heard by the end of November - then Cliff Royle would be invited.
Andy Bignold will the MC and Bob Russell MP as the sponsor. Action: Chris to remind Bob Russell

The order was discussed:
Bob Russell - Welcome to the HoC
Carl - Response
Rev. David Watson - Grace
Andy Bignold - toastmaster
Piet - few words on behalf of the Dutch Centurions
Action: Chris will talk to Katie Troop (Banqueting staff) to arrange for Committee members to gain access at 17:30 in order to set up the place names and exhibition of memorabelia. Chris will check
whether an escort will be needed or whether Carl would be able to perform this duty.
Guests will start to arrive at 18:00 - pre dinner drinks
Call for dinner at 19:15
Grace - 19:30
Action: Carl to check whether he can drive in with the trophies, etc. Also Pam Ficken with the table flowers.

Christmas Newsletters
Carl asked for a 30th November deadline as the 2009 Christmas letter was posted at the very last moment.
As Captain, Charlie would write about the races participated in throughout the year.
As President, Carl would write about the organisation, functions, future, achievements, etc. This would include a request for memorabelia to be brought along for the night.
To be included in the posting:
-Order form for the new Handbook
-Confirmation of contact details (to update member database) with addressed envelope (no
- Order form for kit Action: Ian to get prices up to date
- Update on Dinner - Action: Kathy - payment, dress code, etc

Date of AGM will be 29th January 2011 at 13:00. Action: Chris to speak to Sean to confirm venue as the TA (same venue as 2010)

Captain: Charlie is willing to stand for 2011 but will stand down after this.
President: Carl
Secretary: Chris is willing to stand again for re-election
Vice-Presidents: Jack Thomas. Proposed by Dave Ainsworth and seconded by Colin Young. Chris to nominate at the AGM. Kathy to second. Action: Dave to sound out Jack
Vice-Captain: Sue Clements
Assistant Secretary: Kathy is willing to stand again for re-election
Merchandise: Ian will consider and contact Chris on his decision
The remaining committee members were all happy to continue

(1) Archive
Anne reported that she had a substantial amount of material collected from the Watts Brothers, but is not sure whether it was complete.
It was agreed that an official should be sent up along the lines of Surrey WC agreement with Woking. Action: Chris to contact Sandra Brown to find out more details and arrange a visit to
(2) 100 mile 2011
Kathy reported (in Richard Brown’s absence) on a proposed venue at Greenwich. There were advantages and disadvantages of this venue - but it was a better bet than the Olympic.
However, it was down to Mark Easton as the organiser to recommend the venue to the SWC committee

The meeting closed at 21.20

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