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24 heures de Chateau Thierry

French National Championship and Team Relay

Results 24 hours individual and relay

Race Report

The 2011 edition of Chateau-Thierry was designated the French National 24 Hour Championship - thus guaranteeing some pretty good walking from France's top walkers.
We were not disappointed.

Taking part in the relay means you do get a ring-side seat at the race making it exciting to watch the unfolding competition, whilst at the same time competing and taking part with the best.

The winner was David REGY with 208.485kms. The Hungarian Zoltan Czuker gave REGY a fair chase for over the haf the race, but eventually dropped to 10th (individual) place at the finish.

Mixed results for Team GB.

Richard Brown C760 177kms 258m
Kevin Marshall C1001 171kms 320m
Sandra Brown C735 169kms 289m
Chris Flint C849 149kms 627m

Richard walked strongly throughout as did Kevin. Chris definitely not on form (ferrying bags and people around Chateau Thierry all morning didn't help his preparation). Sandra wasn't feeling at all well and took it rather gently (or as the French say - "elle est partie plus prudemment"!)
Nevertheless Sandra still managed to stroll pass Kathy on the uphill part of the course!

The Lightning Ladies (or Les Anglaises in the results) fought hard to maintain a very slight lead over Les Theobaldians (Team no 96) but were overtaken in the closing stages. Serena kicked off with the prologue (3.150km) followed by Norma on the first of the big laps (3.725km) then Kathy. The team completed 44 of the large laps before changing to the small circuit of 660m for the last hour. The gun went off dead on 24 hours and our last few metres were measured. The Lightning Ladies covered 174.535km. Not as much as in Roubaix 2010, but then we didn't have speedy Centurion Cath Duhig in the team and Roubaix does not have a great big hill in the middle of the course!

Despite the disappointments, it was a great achievement by Team GB. The camaraderie, not just between ourselves, but with the other walkers as well. It was good to see fellow Centurion Ad Leermakers taking part in the relay with his daughter, Yvonne, and along with Centurion Robert Wiche who made up Team Hollande. Team Hollande made their first appearance in Roubaix in 2010 with Centurion Frans Leitjens (now serving overseas) and hopefully they will be there again in 2011 as will the Lightning Ladies.

The results service.

By Monday evening the full results were online, complete with lap times for each individual walker and each team. Excellent!

Paris Colmar: As well as the race being the National 24 hour Championship, Chateau-Thierry was the last deciding race for selection for the Paris Colmar race which takes place at the end of June.

Congratulations to Richard and Sandra Brown who recieved an invitation to this prestigious event. Sadly, though, they had to turn it down as they were committed to another event. Next year, perhaps?

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