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Roubaix 28 hour and 24 hour team relay 2011

A total of four British Centurions participated in the 2011 Roubaix international walks held over the weekend of 17th-18th September 2011.

Over 70 walkers, which included Centurions Bob and Ken Watts, participated in the individual 28 hours.

Eight teams competed in the 24 hour relay:  Centurions Kathy Crilley and Cath Duhig were part of the two English ladies teams in the 24 hour relay: The Lightning Ladies (3rd team member was Norma Grimsey of Enfield). The Thunderbolts ladies team comprised Sue Rey, Sue Smith and Liz Blakie. Both Sues were at Lingfield going for the 100.

For 57 years the race has been held around the Epaule quarter of Roubaix and it had become increasingly obvious over the last few years that the traffic has seriously affected the safety of the race. It has been a very brave decision of the Roubaix Walking Club to move the race to the Parc Barbieux which provided a traffic free and a more secure course. Many participants over the last 20 years will have memories (fond or otherwise!) and stories to tell of their various encoounters in Roubaix. Some good and some bad - like any urban inner city area.

Nevertheless, the organisers are keen to stress that the 28 hour race is the Roubaix 28 hour race and not the Epaule 28 hour race. For sure, it must have been a very difficult move for the Club. It seems that the majority of the walkers prefer the park  (despite the lack of ambience and the comings and goings of the Rue d'Epaule!).


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