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2011 September

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Committee Meeting
Friday, 23rd September 2011 at 6.30 pm
at SCR, Willis Building, London

Present: Chris Flint, Kathy Crilley, Jill Green, Sandra Brown, Carl Lawton,  Colin Young, Sue Clements,  Dave Ainsworth, Pam Ficken

Apologies: John Eddershaw, Ron Wallwork, Charlie Weston, Richard Brown

News of Centurions:
The following have died since the AGM on 29th. January:  Jim Hurley C.513, Lieuwe Schol C.291, Les Gwinnell C.436, Peter Markham C.526, Piet van Gemert C.770 and Paul Sargent C.430 whose death was confirmed.

Centenary Dinner Debrief meeting.
The last Committee meeting had been held in October 2010 but many Dinner working group meetings were held up to May 2011.The debrief meeting focused mostly on the financial aspects of the event. (see Hon.Treasurer’s report below.)

Hon. Secretary’s report:     Nothing to report

Hon. Treasurer’s report
    (i) The general accounts stands at £2131.39 in credit.
    (ii)The medals had cost £626.82 to produce. Some of the cost would be recovered as the medals   
     were  sold.
    (iii)The dinner was £863.15 in profit - the raffle had raised £510.00.
    (iv)The Handbook was currently running at a loss of £573.06 but this would balance itself as more     handbooks were sold.
     (v)Hans was still waiting for money and accounts to be provided by Ian for merchandise sold over the       
     last couple of years.
     Hans was thanked for providing detailed accounts.

Review of Centenary Events

  • 100 miles. It was agreed that the event was a success although there were a few issues concerning the lack of lighting on the course which made it difficult for both judges to see the athletes and for the supporters.  Extra water should have been provided around the course as it was hot and there was no shade  on the course.  The lack of clarification over “classification” was raised as no rules/regulations had been published or issued by the race organisers.

  • Enfield open 7 miles -12th November 2011: Ron Wallwork had announced that there would be extra points for Centurions during the Centenary year.

Errors in the revised handbook had been collated by the Hon. Secretary, They would be forwarded to Sue who would in due course issue an addendum. The 2011 Lingfield results would also be incorporated.

Ian had telephoned during the meeting to offer his apologies.
Concerns were raised that there were no record of sales or accounts for the purchase and sale of merchandise for the last couple of years. Hans had not been able to produce an accurate annual Treasurers’ Report at recent AGMs.
Ian (tel conversation) promised to send Chris and Hans the accounts.
It was noted that the proper procedure is that any cheques received should be made payable to the Centurions and sent to Hans, and invoices for purchases made by the Merchandise Officer should be sent to Hans who would make the payment.
It was noted that there were a number of outstanding orders to be fulfilled.

CVN Issues
Piet Jansens had raised the issue regarding non-licenced athletes competing at 100 mile events in the UK. It was held that it was down to the promoting club to accept or reject all entries to the race.
Surrey WC had accepted entries from members of the Long Distance Walking Club (LDWA) and it was agreed that this complied with English Athletics Rules of Competition for non-licenced athletes.
It was noted that if any athlete who had taken part at Lingfield subsequently applied for a race walking event 12 months later and had not joined an affiliated club, then their entry would be rejected.
The results had to record all those who competed but it was held that those walkers who were not affiliated to EA should not have been awarded national medals.

2012 100 mile event

  • There had been a lot of discussion (via email) since Lingfield whether a 100 mile race should be held in 2012.

  • Some felt that we should support the Dutch 100 in 2012 - however it was agreed that this in itself does not preclude walkers from doing both.

  • There are few weekends available in the 2012 calendar due to the Olympics and other established walks taking place - Paris Walk, Dutch 100, Roubaix etc.

  • It was agreed in principle that we should identify a possible club to “host/promote” an event which would be necessary for it to be held as a national championship under RWA/IAAF rules. (Centurions themselves would organise the race). Action on Chris to discuss with various clubs

( Post meeting note: Hon. Secretary’s Note:  Colchester Harriers has expressed interest in hosting the event, and a possible venue is the Garrison track and road.  The Colchester Borough Sports Development Officer is also interested. A meeting at which Chris Flint has been invited to join will take place at Colchester on 2nd November).

Nominations for Committee 2012
Charlie (Captain) had written to say he would be standing down as Captain at the next AGM (January 2012).
Discussion followed on how this should proceed. Sandra proposed that all positions (President downwards) should be “advertised” and nominations proposed by all Centurions via the Christmas Newsletter and voted on at the AGM. Whilst this was agreed in principle, the process for this
has to be worked out - mostly not to burden the Secretary or the Centurion‘s finances with too much correspondence. Centurions would be offered proxy voting to ensure that everyone was involved in selecting the committee. It was stressed that anyone can attend committee meetings and take part in     
the decision making process.

AGM for the year 2011
Chris would explore the Union Jack Club where Surrey WC and SRWA held their meetings. It was agreed that Toynbee Hall (last AGM) was a good venue - it was expensive.

Christmas Letter  

  • Kathy proposed that the Christmas card should be an image from the Centenary dinner. Agreed.

  • A list of Dinner attendees (Centurions) would be included. Action: Kathy to provide,

  • Proxy forms and nominations to be included.

Centurions Archive:
i. It was agreed that Chris, Carl and Kathy would deposit material at the Surrey History Centre in Woking. Action - Chris to organise visit.
(Post meeting note: Hon. Secretary’s Note:  The visit was made on Wednesday 26th October and Minute Books 1 & 3, and two scrap books, and a copy of the new Handbook, and some other documents handed over as part of the initial accession procedure.  They will only archive documents, thus the John Prior stopwatch cannot be archived there).    
ii. A note would be placed in the Christmas Letter asking for material and to encourage those with Centurions memorabilia to ensure that it is willed to a relative or the Centurions  (named officer). A form of words will be provided.
iii. Surrey WC has asked for a contribution to the costs of the 100 miles race at Lingfield. Action - Chris to discuss with Hans (Treasurer)
iv. Sue would apply again to the Royal Mail for a special postage stamp.

Meeting closed.

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