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2012 March

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Centurions Committee Minutes Friday, 16th March 2012
at  Willis Building, London

1. Present: Chris Flint, Kathy Crilley, Dave Ainsworth, Pam Ficken Richard Brown, Sandra Brown, Carl Lawton, Sue Clements, Anne Sayer

2. Apologies: John Eddershaw, Jill Green, Ron Wallwork, Charlie Weston, Colin Young, Ian Statter, Hans Rennie

3. News of Centurions:
i. Congratulatons to Sue on her forthcoming marriage
ii. Dudley Pilkington C7 (AUS) RIP
iii. Dianne Pegg/Bullard RIP
iv. Theo Janssens RIP
v. Letter received from Bob Russell MP

4. Minutes of Last Meeting
Minutes accepted

5. Hon.Secretary's report
Nothing to report

6. Hon. Treasurer's report
Hon Secretary reported that a meeting was held between Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Hon Auditor Alex Ross to discuss Centurion merchandise accounts. The report from Hans and Alex is based on report which lan has submitted. Hans had sent all the paperwork to an independent third party accountant to check.  Hans is now waiting for a response from lan.

7. Merchandise: Handbook
The Committee needed clarification on
i. stock held by lan.
ii. the amount received from Ann (cash) at the Centenary Dinner

8. Gaptain's Discussion Paper
General discussion raised several points
. lack of new UK Centurions
. many see it just as a "challenge" rather than an entry into ultra-distance walking
. not many long distances races held in UK - therefore not many long distance racers
. social walks a good idea to attract walkers to a non-judged event - suggestions put fontard
. Jubilee Greenway walk - Kathy to forward a proposal to the Committee. lf accepted the date would be 15th July 2012
. Bristol to Bath via old railway line (Sandra)
. Select suitable LDWA events for Centurions with a possible 5/10/15/20 participations with certificate - ACTION: Richard and Sandra to carry forward and to draft certificate
[Post meeting note: Kathy submitted a proposal for a social walk to follow the new Diamond Jubilee Walk of 60kms. Ihis was accepted and details of the walk advertised via the website, the Captains Letter and Essex Walker

9. Lingfield
Sue was critical of the varying results and write-ups on the race. Sue to draft out her thoughts on how this could be addressed.

10. 2012 100 mile event - Colchester
Chris reported:
. the application to hold the race in Castle Park had been accepted by Colchester Borough Council.  Colchester Harriers had agreed to support the Centurions.
. Chris to submit an application for a race permit to the RWA
. Chris would write to other clubs to help out
. Kathy to provide a list of jobs/roles
. Race start would be 12 noon for 100 miles and the 50km
. entry fee would be £25.00 with option of a donation to H4H

11. Committee Membership
It was noted that it was difficult for some Committee members to attend and that we should try and attract new members. Chris to write to invite Martin Fisher who the Committee was thought to be a good candidate

12. AOB
Sue reported that she had put together a compilation of the responses from Dinner attendees

13. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting would be held in July. Chris to send out invites.

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