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2012 October

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Centurions Committee Meeting, 26th October 2012
Held at the Willis Building, Lime Street, EC3M 5AD, London at 6pm

Attendance: Carl Lawton, Chris Flint, Kathy Crilley, Hans Rennie, John Eddershaw, Jill Green, Carl Lawton, Dave Ainsworth, Ann Sayer, Pam Ficken, Richard Brown, and Martin Fisher.

1. Apologies: Colin Young, Sue Clements, Charlie Weston, Sandra Brown, and Ron Wallwork

2. News of Centurions: The Hon. Secretary reported that George Mitchell C.450 will celebrate his 98th birthday on 5th November, and Cliff Royle, C.148, will celebrate his 90th birthday in November. Birthday cards to both will be sent on behalf of Centurions by the Hon. Secretary.

3. Minutes of last meeting, 13th July 2012 and Matters arising
Richard Brown asked whether the Minutes could be circulated earlier.  Assist. Secretary, Kathy Crilley, apologised and said pressures of work with the Olympics, organising the Social walk and carrying actions from the Committee meeting had delayed matters. The Minutes were then approved and signed by the President, Carl Lawton.

4. Hon Secretary’s Report (Chris Flint)
(1) Email correspondence: there had quite a lot recently and commented that it does needs to be managed. Kathy would draft some procedural guidelines. (2) Christmas letters: this costs a lot of time and money to produce, compile and send with attachments, etc. The Captain’s and President’s Reports should be double sided – 1 sheet only preferably.  The President should report on Centurion news, etc and the Captain should report on races where Centurions had competed along with any achievements. ACTION:   Chris to add a note about email addresses, again.

5 Hon. Treasurer’s Report, including Merchandise Accounts
Hans produced the accounts to date and spoke of his concern regarding the Centurion accounts and decisions made without consultation.
5.1  After Colchester there was £1313.37 in the bank account but after the Christmas postage, AGM costs, etc, this will leave the Centurions very short of money, with about £800 at the end of Feb 2013. [Note that Ann Sayer had donated £100.00 to the Colchester 100 miles race which has not been reflected in the accounts).
5.2  Hans told the Committee that he was angry at the £250.00 donation to SWC – a decision made at the AGM in January 2012 without his consent. (Hans could not be present at the AGM).
5.3  Payments had also been paid in to the account without him being notified. (Kathy apologised for this)
5.4  Hans will be moving the account to Lloyds TSB as the Halifax was closing down all Treasurers accounts. In future everything was to be sent to Hans as there will be no facility for anyone to pay anything in other than himself (or the future Treasurer). 5.5  Ian, as merchandising officer, has continued to buy stock despite being told at the September finance/merchandising update meeting to discontinue further purchases. This means money is being tied up in stock rather than earning interest in the bank account, or being available for other purposes. Hans cannot verify what money Ian has taken in as he not deposited money /informed Hans or Chris of any sales. It was agreed at the September meeting that the merchandising year will run from 1st December to 30th November.
ACTION   Ian to provide  sales accounts and stock level figures by the end of November. Centurions will not reimburse Ian for any money spent from the September meeting.
Hans will continue as Treasurer in 2013 if no other nomination is put forwarded at the AGM., but with  the proviso he will not be able to attend AGMs –he will send his Treasurer’s report to Chris in good time for the AGM. Chris thanked Hans for the detailed accounts and that there were lessons to be learnt.

ACTION - Chris: to check with Tony Perkins whether he still wants to stand as merchandising officer.
ACTION – Everyone: to think of anyone who may be interested/capable, including new and younger Centurions, of fulfilling this role. Worst scenario is that records can be kept in paper format eg a notebook if the person is not competent with IT – this is not ideal as information needs to be communicated quickly and accurately to the Treasurer and Hon. Secretary. It was agreed that the priority is the sale of accumulated stock before any new initiatives are considered and  agreed by the Committee. The post does need someone with some efficient business acumen.

7. Report on 100 miles
7.1  Chris has asked Carl for a detailed report on the Colchester 100 mile race with particular concern regarding the mis-direction of walkers by race official(s). Carl reported that he thought an inquiry by the RWA would not be appropriate.
7.2  Chris told the Committee that he had briefed the marshals before the start of the race and that maps of the course had been provided to the Chief Judge who was to distribute copies to all judges. It was agreed that Carl made the correct decision to restart the race.
7.3  The RWA would also like a report on the conduct of race walkers who were in the 50km some of whom behaved in a manner which bought the sport into disrepute.. It was noted that Carl was referee for the 50km as well as 100 miles.
7.4  A report by the Chief Judge had been provided to both the Hon. Secretary and the Assistant Secretary and whilst the judges were content with the overall organisation they did express concern about the lack of lighting on the course (as they did for the 2011 race at Lingfield).

8. Events in 2013  (100 miles and other races)
8.1.1 100 miles championship:
The Hon. Secretary noted that there were three possibilities for the national 100 mile race in 2013: Redcar WC, Lancashire WC and the  Isle of Man. Martin Fisher reported that there may be a possible course in Redcar but as it was on the seafront  it was more suitable for a 50miles/100km but not 100miles. ACTION – Martin: to pursue with Dave Jones, noting that lighting is an on-going issue at the 100 miles (as highlighted by the Judges Reports in 2011 & 2012) ACTION – Chris: to pursue Lancashire WC re Stanley Park as a venue (not the track) Kathy reported that Chris Cale has expressed an interest in the 100 miles being held in the Isle of Man. ACTION – Kathy/Chris:  further discussions with the Isle of Man. ACTION – All:  Need to look at fixtures for suitable future events and locations.
      8.2 Other events
8.2.1 Jill Green reported that she had been approached by the Isle of Wight Council to organise a          walking race (5km or 10km) during the Isle of Wight Festival,  4th-19th May 2013.        Richard suggested that it could coincide with a social walk although acknowledging it is a long        way to go for a short distance race.
       ACTION – Richard: to pursue the idea of an accompanying longer social walk.
     8.2.2 Bristol to Bath (early Spring).  The course is a disused railway line – a return route would          cover 30miles.
      8.2.3 Roman Road Way.; Chris suggested this as a possibility for the 11th November .     [Post meeting note – this is held over until spring/summer 2013)
      8.2.4. Norman Smith C.976 had mentioned to Chris that  he was organising with BBN LDWA a Remembrance Sunday Marathon walk on the 11th November at Bicester Airfield (start time 07.20).
      ACTION – Chris: obtain further details from Norman and circulate.

9.  Handbook
Sue reported that she has completed an audit of available copies of the Handbook as far as possible but was missing Ian’s input for a full report.
Action – Chris: to take 20 handbooks from Pam’s stock to the Dutch AGM in Leerdam (17th|   November).  Also, to get other merchandise from Ian.

10.  AGM
10.1 This will be held on 26th January 2013, 1pm at the Union Jack Club
ACTION – Chris: to check whether Union Jack club still have his provisional booking [Confirmed]
10.2 Sandra Brown (email to Chris) put forward a motion that the posts of President and Captain should be for 3 years only. Questions were raised whether the post holder could be re-elected if there were no other nominations, or whether the post holder had to serve a maximum 3 years.
 The proposal needs re-wording and should be put forward as a motion at the AGM rather than         Committee. The motion to be proposed by Sandra and seconded by Martin.
10.3 Martin reported that some of the northern club meetings which he had attended have expressed a concern that the AGM/Committee is a closed southern body.  Although this is not intentional there was discussion whether proxy votes should be introduced. The Committee had discussed proxy voting in 2011 but it was pointed out hat under the Centurion guidelines proxy voting is not an agreed method of voting.  However, postal votes could be a wider method to involve all Centurions. The Committee agreed that at the AGM there should be a call for a Centurion to volunteer to organise/hold 2014 AGM outside London.

11.  Christmas letters:
  • A note should be put in the Christmas letter that the Committee feel a future AGM should be held out of London
  • Nominations for Committee to go in the President’s letter
  • Request for email addresses
  • Appeal for donations
  • Letters from the President and Captain to be forwarded to Chris by 7th December for editing and collating to send out by 17th December. Chris reported that Tony Perkins offered to help with the mailing [Post meeting note:  this did not materialise}

12.    AOB
  • Elections for VP – Chris to present Gerrit with his plaque at the CVN reunion [Done]
  • Dave Ainsworth nominated Kathy Crilley for VP, seconded by Pam, and to go before the AGM in 2013 for endorsement
  • Archives – Surrey History Centre featured Centurions in their magazine
  • Sale of Don Thompson’s C.631 medals probably included his Centurion medal and is regrettedSponsorship – Graham McQaide (competitor in 100 miles, not a centurion) and Sandra to pursue
  • Martin to forward Richard Spenceley’s email to Chris who will write to Richard who appears very disillusioned with race walking after his dq at Colchester. [post meeting note – this has now been done]
  • it should be noted that  Centurions clothing should only be worn by Centurions, and sales of clothing only to Centurions -  however, it is difficult  to stop people giving it away to friends/family.

The President thanked all for attending and closed the Meeting closed at 20:55



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