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Dijon 24 hour and 6 hour race

27-28 April 2013

or rain stopped play....

This years Dijon 24 hour race was well and truly one of the great wash-outs of the year as the rain started on Friday lunchtime and eventually petered out early Sunday morning.

Ed Shillabeer C590 (accompanied bysupporter Richard Pannell) made the journey from Pymouth in order to qualify for the 2013 Paris Colmar. Kathy Crilley (C933) and David Hoben, both Surrey Walking Club, travelled to help out  on the Saturday and compete in the 6 hour race on Sunday. Not only was it very wet -it was also very cold  with the temperature hovering around 6-7 degrees all day. Ed walked very strongly for nearly 18 hours but the all pervading cold rain laid the very best of plans to rest. To his credit,  Ed completed just over 118 km in such horrible conditions.

The 6 hour race kicked off at 0700, unfortunately no time for breakfast,  but at least
the rain had just about stopped as David and Kathy walked the mile or so from the hotel to the start. However, the promised rise in temperature never happened and it remained cold and  damp for the next 6 hours. With a line up of 13 walkers the race was wide open. The lap of 3.666km was the same as the 24 hour race  although it was very hard to spot any 24 hour walkers as many had abandoned the race or had taken refuge inside tents/camper vans until it was safe to come out!

Lac Kir is on the outskirts of Dijon and a very popular place for dog walking and early morining, mid morning and late morning joggers and the narrow bridge  on the course was getting too congested. The organisers cut the lap to 827 metres with just two hours to go - a shame as the path was quite rough, had large puddles and had two tight bends at the turn arounds.  At this point there seemed to be a lot more walkers from the 24 hour back on the course race so the path was just as congested!

The judging was quite strict - there seemed to be a judge every few 100 metres who were strutinising the knees very carefully. This year the judges instituted the time penalty for bent knees - 10 minutes on the naughty step - more than one person fell foul of this!

Watch it on YouTube - well 6minutes of it! Shorter clip of the start YouTube (1 minute)

24 hour
1st (M) Phillipe MOREL 192.771km
1st (F)  Deborah GEIMER 175.115km (4th overall)
Edmund SHILLABEER 118,33km 16:41:51
view full results (pdf)

Results - 6 hour
1st Bertrand LEBARRE 53.392km
10th David HOBEN (SWC) 38.865km
1st Magali PILLE PANNIER 45.653km
2nd Kathy CRILLEY 42.704km

view full results (pdf)

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