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Centurions 1911
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Contintental Centurions 100 miles/24 hours

7-8 June 2014, 
Princess Beatrixpark, Schiedam, Rotterdam

This year it was the turn of RWV (Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging) to orgainse the race - and as usual there were plenty of distances on offer: 50km, 50 miles, 100km, 100 miles and 24 hours.

Quite a few British Centurions travelled to Schiedam to participate in this annual qualifying race for Contintental Centurions 100 mile race: Sandra Brown, Richard Cole, Simon Cox, Kathy Crilley, Chris Flint, Vinny Lynch and Jock Waddington

Other walkers (non-Centurions) were there to qualify for the Contintental Centurions honour and/or train for the Southend 100 mies, go for the Kennedy badge, or other distances: (Martin Payne, Jim Fulton, Steve Allen (Barnet), Dave Hoben - (well done to Dave who won the 50km race).

There were, of course, many Dutch and Belgian walkers taking apart who have previously qualified as British and/or Continental Centurions.

The weather was particular hard on the walkers - with the temperature getting toward 30 degres and with high humidity it certainly took its toll on many walkers and many never reached their full potential..

Jock Waddington won the 100 mile and Sandra Brown won the ladies 100 mile race.

Congratulations to everyone who survived!

As ever, it was a well organised event and the members of RWV provided all the help and support throughout the whole 24 hours.

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