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Chateau Thierry 2015
28-29 March 2015
Qualifying race for Paris Alsace 2015

Centurions Suzanne Beardsmore, Karen Lawrie and Richard McChesney took part in this 24 hours race.
Tony Mackintosh from the Isle of Man also competed. Tony will surely become a Centurion this summer in the Isle of Man having completed over 170km in Chateau Thierry.

Race commentary from the live broadcast ...
"Belle surprise dans la catégorie féminine avec une anglaise à la première place...."

Justement concernant cette anglaise, quelqu'un a t'il des infos sur elle ? âge,antécédents sportifs...

Marcheur Marcheur: je connais Suzanne Beardmore
Marcheur Marcheur: 21h47 au 100miles de l'ile de Man en Aout 2013
Marcheur Marcheur: elle est née en 1971
Marcheur Marcheur :21h15 au 100miles de Colchester en 2012 , 22h23 au 100miles de 2011

Suzanne was 1st lady, closely followed by Karen (2nd lady) - who could ask for anything more!!!!
Tony and Richard weren't far behind either.

Well done everyone - a truly magnificant effort by everyone.

Richard has posted a race report on his blog together with videos and photos http://richardwalkslondon.com/chateau-thierry-24-hour-race/

Karen has now been invited to compete in the 2015 Paris - Alsace... read more on the Paris - Alsace race

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