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2015 La Voie Sacree

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La Voie Sacree 2015

Verdun to Bar le Duc (56.4km)

11 November 2015

Centurion C1110 Christer Svensson (SWE) won this prestigious race with Centurion Frans Leitjens finishing in 11th position.

La Voie Sacree (The Sacred Way) is a unique race, in that the course follows, literally, La Voie Sacree - which was the route where the French supplied the 1st World War battle at Verdiun.

The race is organised by the Commitee of La Voie Sacree and the local walking club of Bar le Duc to commenorate this historic route.
The route alternates between a start from Verdun to Bar Le Duc and then Bar le Duc to Verdun the following year.

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