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Parish Walk Isle of Man

20-21 June 2015
85 miles around the Isle of Man in 24 hours

This is one of the classic long distance races and for those who have participated in this, know just how tough it it.
No surprise that many Centurions feature in the results.

Centurion Richard Gerrard was the winner in a record time of 14 hours 40mins 08sec.
2nd was Michael George
3rd Vinny Lynch
... in fact most of the first 20 finishers were Centurions.
1st lady was Centurion Janette Morgan (9th overall) in 16h 13m 18s

Such is the friendship in this walk, Richard, Vinny, Janette, Bernie Ball and many others turned out very early on Sunday morning to cheer and welcome those finishing in over 20 hours.

Another record was set by Centurion, Edmund Shillabeer who was the oldest walker ever to finish [75th in 20h 55m34s]

Centurion Captain Kathy Crilley finished 130th in 22h54m 08s.  Kathy was very well supported by Centurion Karen Lawrie and her family, Tony Mackintosh (2015 100 mile entrant) and Amanda Jane Butler.

The race attracted over 1200 walkers and whilst not everyone was a "race walker" the race is held under race walking rules. Official do drive around the course to make sure that everyone is adhering to the rules. 

Support is crucial on this event - whilst there are plenty of water stations for the first part (with bananas sweets, etc) after Peel (32miles) every walker has to have a support vehicle. This does make for a lot of traffic on the quiet island roads.

As one would expect, it is a very well organised race. 

Results [extrenal link]

The 2016 Paris Walk will take place on 18-19 June 2016 with entries opening 1st December 2015.
see the Parish Walk website for reports, results, stats, photos....

In Edmund's own words...
Amazing chip technology, a peg carried on a wristband is inserted into a box on church gate so splits are straight onto Facebook, also beamed to a mobile phone of your choice. At finish you get a printout like a shop's tally of your purchases. Rain at breakfast so got a bin bag but dry at start! Gave TV interview with 10 mins to go.
Drizzle came in until "The Sloc". Fog added to discomfiture as if the climb wasn't bad enough but sun came out just before reaching Peel. Had a good spell then, less hilly and quite hot, but effort on hills affected me more than in 2009. I expected that so my target was 20hrs and to avoid frustration at being slower I didn't know any times until about 6 miles out. More changes of clothing, and stone chips requiring stop for removal caused serious loss of momentum too as my attendant was on her own. However the frequent very steep gradients up-and-down were the biggest factor in slowing me through grunting knees. Usual muscle stiffness included intercostals but core training really helped and no real injuries, voltarel emulgel and a paracetamol helped! A satisfying days work after all was said and done.
Yours in sport

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