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Centurions 1911
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Wandel Weekend, Weert, The Netherlands

23-24 May 2015

The walking club, OLAT, organised the 2015 Continental Centurions qualifier. Such was the success, with 19 new Centurions, there weren't enough badges to hand out.

Centurion Frans Leitjens won the 24 hour race;  Frank van der Gulik won the 100 mile race.

It was a mixed bag of results for the British visitors.
Martin Fisher became CC 426.  Chris Flint completed just over 90 miles in the 24 hour race.
Centurions Suzanne Beardsmore and Sue Clements stopped during the evening. Sailesh Shah (Lancs WC) also pulled out.
Kathy Crilley competing in the 100k race stopped at just over 50 miles.
David Hoben (Surrey WC) completed the 50km.
The weather took its toll on many other walkers. Having started off warm and sunny the day got colder and colder with the temperature dipping to around 6-7 degrees overnight. Part of the course was unlit which was slightly disorienting.

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