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Centurions 1911
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Races & results
Paris Alsace Race News Updates

The race kicked off  at 1830 1st June. It looks wet! The ladies race features Centurion Suzanne Beardsmore and we wish her the very best of luck. 

Full Results

Saturday 4th June Final stage:  Plainfang to Ribeauville 56.9km

1120 (BST): Suzanne appears to be going well and is now well on her way over the famous Col du Bonhomme
Irina POUTINTSEVA is leading the womens race on this final stage and Dmitry OSIPOV leading the men home to Ribeauville. But still away to go yet
0500 (BST) Congratulation Suzanne - you have just made an epic journey!

1st man: Dmitry OSIPOV
1st Lady: Irina POUTINTSEVA
2nd Lady: Olgo BORISOVA
3rd Lady: Sylvie MAISON
4th Lady: Suzanne Beardsmore

Friday 3rd June Vitry le Francais to Epinal 225.6km continued... Control point closure 0700 Saturday 4th June 

  • Suzanne now gone through the 200km 0215-ish French time
  • at 2330 Friday evening (French time)
Race commentary: Centurion Suzanne Beardsmore is still going strong. (184km at time of writing) Obviously, the pace at this stage has slowed and many a bad patch gone through and come out of.
Well past the usual long distance range of 24 hours (and a Roubaix 28 hour) and out of many a walker's comforst zoneSo into unknown territory...
The strength of a Centution shines through.

Suzanne lies in 4th position at 184km plus a few meters. Steadily maintaining her lead ahead of Benedicte by 3km....
Irina now in the lead (not surprising) by 4km, 2nd place Olga, 3rd place Sylvie.

In the men's race, Osipov stiill ahead  of Emanuelle Lassalle (both now finished their stage at Epinal).
11 men still in the race!!!

Thursday 2nd June: Vitry le Francais to Epinal 225.6km
The ladies race started at 1600 with Suzanne heading off at 1615 - so only a 15 minute handicap. 

1130 BST (1230 local French time) 
Osipov seems to be forging ahead of the field by some 6km. Jean -Marie Roualt in 2nd place. Our old friend Ivo MAJETIC has now dropped to 7th place and my dearest friend Pascal BIEBYUCK is holding his own in 11th pace at just over 185km 1235 local French time. 
Meanwhile in the ladies race, Suzanne appears to be holding her own and the distance between Suzanne and Benedicte is widening by a kilometre or two, (Good news !!!) (Sorry Benedicte!)

2145 (BST) 22:45 (French time) 
Currently Suzanne is in 4th position having  been overtaken by the French Champion (24hours) Sylvie Maison. 
The rain has stopped and it appears to be warming up and turning into a lovely evening (according to support team member and fellow Centurion Sarah Lightman) 
Olgo BORISOVA and Irina POUNTINTSEVA are battling it out at the front, and in 5th place is Benedcge SALOMES followed by Claudie BIZARD with Annie Berthault-Khorzhyk. It appears that Emilie Bizard-Planchot has stopped.

In the mens race - another battle ensues for the lead. 
Dmitry OSIPOV is currently in the lead (189.1km) with Jean-Marie Rouault close behind.
For those who remember Ivo MAJETIC, Ivo was invited (despite not having qualified) but he currently lies in 3td place. Very miuch close behind Jean-Marie.

Wednesday 1st June Stage 1&2

Stage 2 results (women)
Olga Borisova arrives in Ch Thierry 0057(French time)
Irina POUTINTSEVA est arrivée à Château-Thierry en 2ème position
Suzanne BEARDSMORE 3ème et Sylvie MAISON 4ème. 
 Bon repos Suzanne!!

The start
Centurion Suzanne Beardsmore is off to a good start with a 3rd placing after the first stage - Neuilly sur Marne to St Thibault (14.6km).

The handicap system in operation means that the first walker to finish the stage sets off frst on the next stage. This appears harsh for the slower walkers as they have even less time to get to the contol point before it closes!
Stage 2: Charly sur Marne - Chateau Thierry  14.6km (women)
The time allowance for stage 2 (14.6km) is 2h 30m where the control point closes at 0130 (Thursday).  Suzannes's start time is 22:23 - so this gives her 3 hours to complete the distance.
Go Suzanne go!
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