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2016 US Centurions

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Not Just a Walk in the Park
Owega, New York State.
25-26 September 2016

100 mile race - qualifier for the US Centurions

After the retirement of Ullrich and Trudi Kamm, Erin and Dave Talcott along with Rob Robertson took over the 2016 race organiiation and the venue changed to New York State.   

Erin and Dave Talcott should be extremely proud of their efforts with the international 24 hour walking event they hosted in late September in Owega, New York State.
The race started at midday on the Saturday and was held over a certified 1km loop.
The aim as always in such a race was to provide an opportunity for walkers to complete 100 miles in 24 hours and become US Centurions. With a field of 25 which included a good number of exisitng Continental and British Centurions and with 5 walkers from Belgium, 2 from the Netherlands, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Australia, 2 from the Isle of Man, and 1 from England - an exciting international race looked promising.

The results were excellent with the top 8 walkers all reaching 100 mile (160.934km)  and seven new US Centurions C81-87.
Swedish walker Christer Svensson had led early but lost his lead to Belgian walker Eddie Goeman (C60) who stormed home to reach 100 miles with a PB of 19:16:50. Christer was second with 20:14:50 and Manxman Stewart Jones was third with 21:53.32.
In the women’s race, American Erin Taylor-Talcott led for most of the race before eventually relinquishing her lead to the experienced Belgian Caroline Mestdagh (C56) after 135km. Caroline continued on in fine form to win with 22:46:28, Erin was second in 23:31:05 and Sandra de Graaff (C69) was third in 23:45:12 - walking nearly the whole way with Albertus van Ginkel (C70) as usual – Bertus finished about 3 mins behind her with 23:48:17. Belgian walker Luc Soeteway also finished the hundred, recording a time of 23:06:23.

Congratulations to everyone who succeeded and commiserations to those who didn't quite make that magic 100.

1. Eddie Goeman Belgium 19:16:50       
2. Christer Svensson Sweden 20:14:50
3. Stewart Jones Isle of Man 21:53:52
4. Caroline Mestdagh Belgium 22:46:28
5. Luc Soetewey Belgium 23:06:23
6. Erin Taylor-Talcott USA 23:31:057.
7.Sandra de Graaff Netherlands 23:45:12
8. Albertus van Ginkel Netherlands 23:48:17
other finishers:
11. Willy Vermeulen Belgium 117 km
12. James Bassett Isle of Man 107 km
13. John Kilmartin Australia 92 km
17. Sailash Shah England 80 km
19. Luc Dekeirsschieler Belgium 62 km
New US Centurion C.81
New US Centurion C.82
New US Centurion C.83
US Centurion C.72 (2010)
New US Centurion C.84
New US Centurion C.85
New US Centurion C.86
New US Centurion C.87

Complete results [external website]                
List of US Centurions as at September 2016

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