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2017 AGM

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Centurions AGM – Saturday 28th. January 2017

Summary of decisions made and issues discussed (these are not the Minutes)
Full Minutes available here [pdf]

The President, Eric Horwill C.390 welcomed 26 Centurions to the AGM held at the Bankside Community Space, Southwark, SE1 0FD on Saturday 28th. January.

49 Apologies were received and recorded.

All present stood in memory of Centurions Wilf Smith C.275, Johnny Morris C.474, Vic Murray C.256, Bernard ‘Jack’ Rawlings C.212, Ernie Bishop c.654, George Birchall C.220, and also remembered were Maureen Fotheringham and Margaret Vale. A number of Centurions gave their personal memories of those who have died.

The Minutes of the 2016 AGM at Leicester Cricket Club were approved, and no matters not already Agenda items were raised.
The Hon. Secretary’s report was accepted.

Hon. Treasurer’s Report
Richard Brown C.760, Hon. Treasurer, presented the financial summary for the year ended 31st December 2016, and noted a current balance of £4,085.78 slightly ahead of last years figure of £3,978.00. He expressed his thanks to those who have made donations, and congratulated the President on raising over £1000 in his appeal. A legacy in favour of the Centurions is awaiting the grant of probate and when received it will be for a significant sum. Richard said there is a continuing need to build up our reserves through donations and legacies so giving us the capability to fund future Centurion events. He left that thought for consideration by Centurions.
Richard said there is a good range of Centurions merchandise now in stock and available for Centurions to purchase. Those interested to contact Chris Flint C.849 on flintc@scr-ltd.co.uk
Certain items of expenditure were queried and explanations provided. The report was accepted and both Richard and Alex Ross C.854, independent examiner, were thanked for their work and the meeting agreed the re-appointment of Alex Ross.

Kathy Crilley C.933, Centurions Captain, gave a full report of the activities of Centurions both at home and abroad, and congratulated the organisers of the first South Africa 100 miles in 24 hours event. It had been an unqualified success and Richard Gerrard C.1106 was the overall winner. She reviewed the Redcar 100 miles in August last year and congratulated the organisers on their hard work to hold a 100 in the north-east. Despite some difficulties for participants negotiating people on the promenade and some unseasonably windy conditions, the event successfully produced 6 new Centurions, namely Colin Vesty C.1167, Jimmy Millard C.1168, Rob Robertson C.1169, John Borgars C.1170, Kim Reed C.1171 and Gino Masto C.1172. They were all congratulated on their qualification as Centurions. Colin and John, the only two present, were presented with their certificates. The others will have their certificates presented on another occasion. A number of Centurions have achieved significant success over the year and the selection of Dominic King C.1098 for the Rio Olympics and the success of Suzanne Beardsmore C.1094 for her strong finish in the arduous Paris to Alsace event were singled out. Kathy was thanked for her report and her active Captaincy.
Sue Clements C.950 reviewed the arrangements for the forthcoming 100 miles in 24 hours at Bury St. Edmunds on 5-6th. August, and entries are now open through SiEntries (a link is on the Centurions website). Individuals £60 for the 100, £28 for the 50 miles, and £20 for the 20
miles, and £100 for the corporate relay.

Elections: The President and committee were re-elected unopposed, and Suzanne Beardsmore elected a Vice Captain. The position of Merchandise Officer remains vacant although Chris Flint C.849 will continue to fill in until someone comes forward.

The proposal ‘That the Centurions apply to affiliate to England Athletics as an affiliated Association’ was put to the AGM by Eric Horwill and seconded by Chris Flint.
The background was discussed at the 2016 AGM and the committee was tasked to examine in further detail other options. Following constructive discussion by Eric with the UKA it emerged that affiliation to England Athletics was possible and the Centurions could apply to become an affiliated Association. The committee agreed to put this proposal to the AGM. In the Christmas letters Centurions were invited to vote For or Against the proposal if they were unable to attend the AGM. 25 votes In Favour were received, and 5 Against. At the AGM a further 18 voted For the proposal and 3 Against. The collected votes showed an overwhelming endorsement of the proposal by 43 votes For to 8 Against, with 3 Abstentions, and in so doing the Centurions took an historic step in its 100 years history to apply to affiliate to England Athletics as an Association.

If the application is successful it will put the Centurions into the mainstream of British athletics. It will give the Centurions the opportunity to advertise its events through the EA newsletter so raising awareness, and have UKA liability insurance protection necessary should the Centurions wish to put on its own races in the future. An added advantage would be affiliation to the Race Walking Association.
The Centurions wish to continue its traditional approach of working with clubs willing and able to host a 100 miles in 24 hours event, and the meeting acknowledged that in future there will be a need for the Centurions to inject substantial funding and experience to assist such clubs, and a need to work closely with event organisers to develop realistic budgets. The decision gives the Centurions the confidence to look forward to regular annual events leading to the 100th 100 in 2023!

Sue Clements, Centurion Archivist, is developing a definitive record of all Centurion and Continental Centurions, and Kathy Crilley, web master, reported that the website has received over a million ‘hits’ since September 2014, and is a popular source of information and activities.

Social walks are organised by Steve Kemp C.1075, and the next is scheduled to take place at Cambridge on Sunday 30th. April. All Centurions and their guests are welcome. > Details

The AGM was brought to a close at 4.25 pm with thanks to the President for his excellent chairmanship.

Chris Flint C.849
Hon. Secretary

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