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2017 Marbella 4 day walk


Three Centurions, Kathy Crilley, Sue Clements and Joyce Crawford took part in the Marbella 4 Day Walk 12th-15th Octiober 2017. It should have been four Centurions, but sadly Cath Duhig had to pull out at the last minute.

The walks are organised by a local Dutchman and is a "mini Nijmegen Vierdaagse".  Not surprisingly, the walks attract many Dutch walkers from "home and abroad" - and nearly 2,000 turned up for the 20km walks. It seemed strange being in Spain and conversing in Dutch (well just the odd phrase!)

The 3 Centurions opted for the longer distance of 30km per day (only around 160 walkers per day).
Although on checking the GPS - the distances fell short of 30km each day however, the steep hills more than made up for the shortfall in distance.
Start time for the 30km was from 08:30. We completed each day in around 5 hours which gave us plenty of relax/swim/sightseeing time after the days walk.  It is really a good event for that warm weather training before winter sets in.

The walks were designated City walk, Beach walk, Coastal walk and Lake walk
M4DW - routes

The walks were designated City walk, Beach walk, Coastal walk and Lake walk

Day 1: Nagüeles, Puerto Banús
City walk around Marbella and along the coast to Puerto Banus

Day 2: Altos de Marbella, Bahia de Marbella
Beach walk but incoprated lots of hills as well!

Day 3: Monte Paraiso, Sierra Blanca
A very hilly walk with spectacular views

Day 4:Via Verde, Lago de las tortugas, Puerto Banús. Another hilly walk with magnificant views of the lakes.
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