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Centurions AGM - Saturday, 27th January 2018
Main points discussed.
  • Minutes of the 2017 AGM were passed by the Meeting and signed by President Eric Horwill C.390.
  • The Hon. Secretary presented his report followed by the Hon Treasurer's report. Richard Brown, stepping down from the role (and from the Committee) was thanked for his report and for leaving the finances in such a healthy state. T
  • Captain Kathy Crilley, C.933 presented her report. [available to read here]
  • Graham Young gave the meeting an update on his proposed 100 mile track race to be held 18th-19th August at the National Sports Centre, Douglas, Isle of Man. The meeting agreed that this would be a Centurion qualifying event. Entries open 18th March and will be online only on a "first  come, first served" basis. Entries will be limited to 33 walkers. As this was originally to be an invitation race, some walkers have already been invited and six walkers have already accepted. which leaves places for 27 walkers.
  • Election of New Centurions and Award of Certificates  (President Eric Horwill C390) : Justin Scholz C1173 (Australia) - Sharon Scholz C1174 (Australia)-James Bassett C1175 -Hardeep Minhas C1176 - Gustaaf Salu C1177 - Adrie Ros C1178 - Gabriel Farmer C1179 - Martin Vos C1180 - Hein Sanders C1181 - Jean-Baptiste Bernard C1182 (France) -Joyce Crawford C1183 - Jos van de Wyngaert C1184 - Arie Kandelaars C1185 -Gertrude Achterberg C1186 -Larissa Droogendijk C1187
Certificates to the new Dutch and Belgian Centurions were presented by the Captain, Kathy Crilley C.933 at the CVN reunion in December 2017. No other new Centurions were present at the meeting.
Agenda items
The order of the next two Agenda items were changed and there followed Item 12 the election of Officers and Committee. Standing down from committee and positions were:
  • Richard Brown (Hon Treasurer)
  • Sandra Brown (Committee)
  • Kathy Crilley (Captain) Kathy has served the designated 3 year Captaincy 2015 -2018
  • Suzanne Beardsmore (Vice Captain)
Richard Cole was elected as the Hon. Treasurer.
Martin Fisher was elected as the new Captain.
Item 11 - Proposals
Two proposals were received, as follows:
1. It is proposed by Martin Fisher C.788,and seconded, that “When an officer stands down from the committee they should not be able to take a new office for a set period”. The purpose is to encourage other Centurions to come onto the committee.
2. It is proposed by John Eddershaw C.299, and seconded, that “The present rule governing the 3 year time limit for the President and the Captain be rescinded”. The purpose is to enable these office holders to continue for another 3 years subject to their election at each AGM.
The first proposal was carried and the second proposal as voted against.
Item 13. Presentation of Trophies (Kathy Crilley, Captain C933)
Trophies were presented to Sandra Brown - the Bristol Trophy for the first (existing) female Centurion to reach 100 miles; the Chas Shelley Trophy for the first female walker over 65 year of age on the day of the race who completes 100 miles. Congratulations to Sandra - especially as she has now completed 50 Centurion races world wide.
Item 14. Archivist’s Report and Handbook Updates (Sue Clements C950)  (including archiving of hard copy, emails, electronic communications, etc). Sue was not present but had sent a report to the Hon. Secretary. Copies were made available at the meeting.
Item 15. Centurions Website Report (Kathy Crilley C933) Report available here [pdf]
Item 16. Social Walks in 2018 (Steve Kemp C1075) Steve was unfortunatley unable to attend due to illness. However, Hon Secretary Chris Flint did suggest that anyone who wanted to organise a social walk to contact Steve.
Item 17. Date of Next AGM - Saturday, 26th January 2019. Venue to be decided - possibly the Midlands area.

The 2018 AGM was held in Leeds at the Mill Hill Chapel hosted by Martin Fisher.

The Minutes from the 2018 AGM were read and passed at the 2019 AGM

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