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Headline news from the 2019 Centurions AGM
Saturday 26th. January 2019

The 2019 AGM was held in the Bankside Community Space in Great Guildford Street, Southwak situated behind Tate Modern and conveniently close to several mainline stations.
President Eric Horwill opened the meeting at 1300 for the last time as "his time was up"!  Eric has served as President 2016 - 2019 and it was time for a new President to take the Chair.

So, a new President was elected: Centurion 934, Pam Ficken.
Pam has been on the Centurions Committee for many years and has also devoted a lot of time to serving on the RWA Committee. So once more, we have a very worthy President.

Our Honorary Secretary, C.849, has stepped down after 20 years on the Committee and 15 years as Secretary. So a well deserved "retirement" for Chris.
Assistant Secretary, Sue Clements, (C.950) was elected as the new Hon. Secretary

And at last, the vacancy for a Merchandise Officer has been filled. Andrew Thacker C.805  has kindly stepped up and volunteered for the role and Andrew has lots of exciting ideas. Andrew qualified as a Centurion in 1986 at the Leicester Congerstone Race in 21.50.24. (but many thanks go to retiree Chris Flint  for fulfilling this role, as well as his other duties, over the last few years.)
In addition to the new President nad Srcretary, the meeting showed their satisfaction by re-electing all to their posts: Hon.Treasurer Richard Cole C928, Web Master Kathy Crilley C933, Social Strolls Secretary Steve Kemp C1075 & Hon.Auditor Alex Ross C854.
Dave Jones C.987 (Redcar) and Sean Pender C.1067 were elected onto the Committee and join Carl Lawton and Ann Sayer.
The post of Assistant Secretary remains unfilled.

All the ten Commiitte Officers and Members were present and 10 Ceturions also attended.

Reports from the 2019 AGM

Other papers:

The 2020 AGM  will be held on the last Saturday in January - venue to be decided.
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