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2018 RWA 50km Championship

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2018 RWA 50km Championship
Douglas NSC, Isle of Man
2nd September 2018
One more the RWA 50km Championship race was held in the Isle of Man. The entries were a bit on the low side, but it was just a couple of weeks after the RWA 100 miles long distance championship  - also held at the NSC in Douglas.

Centurion (C.1132) Jayne Farqhar became the 2018 ladies 50km Champ. Well done Jayne.
Jayne was 4th overall in a time of 5hrs 48mins 34 secs. And not too far behind hubby Dale either - who unbelievably competed in the 100 miles race two weeks before (and gained his Centurion qualifying badge!)


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