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Kathy Crilley - down but not out

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Kathy Crilley - update

From the Centurions Face book page:
While taking part in the the Vets’ 5 mile race in Battersea Park last Tuesday (17th April), the Centurions’ webmaster Kathy Crilley was hit by a cyclist and was quite seriously hurt.
She sustained a head injury and two broken ribs and was admitted to hospital for a couple of days so she missed out taking part in the the London Marathon later that week....

Thanks to Sue Clements for posting the above on the Centurions Facebook page.

As we lined up for the 7pm start, there were plenty of cyclists speeding through the park, weaving in and out of just about everyone on foot.
I have no recollection of what happened other than remembering a huge blow to my back. I was in last place (!) and some of the lead runners had lapped me on the 2nd lap. The cyclist said he swerved to avoid me, but I also swerved right into his path. Obviously, I can't dispute this but I do know I was walking well and looking ahead keeping the walker ahead in my sights. I don't recall any hazards in my path and the park was not crowded. I can't think why I would have swerved....

This has been quite possibly one of the worst experiences of my life and the timing could not be worse.
I did withdraw from Sunday's race and will get an automatic entry for 2019 but the other races I had planned are not so easy..
I had entered the 6 day race in Balatonfured, Hungary which starts next week and I have been invited to the 2018 Paris Alsace Ribeauvile race in France at the end of May.

Hungary is out of the question so its time to cancel my flight and inform the race organsier. Not sure whether I will get any refund.
The Paris Alsace is touch and go as my ribs will take 5-6 weeks to heal. Support crew in place and everythng paid for up front....

I would like to thank everyone for their cards and get well wishes which I have received over the last week. All very much appreciated.

So, fingers crossed for the Paris Alsace

PS I won't be racing in Battersea Park again!

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