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Kathy Crilley C.933 was elected Captain at the 2015 AGM

Captain’s Message to the Centurions

Dear Centurions

Throughout my Captaincy, I will be posting details on our website of all our endeavours and through Chris, our Secretary, I will also be sending news to everyone of what we are up to in the Captain's regular newsletters.
Hopefully this will encourage some of you to come and join us. It's hard work (of course) but it is fun and the camaraderie amongst Centurions is second to none.

The Spring/April 2017 Newsletter has just been circulated to Centurions (if you have not received it please get in touch). You can also read the Newsletter online - see the link on the right.

On the racing side...

As ever, many Centurions have travelled far and wide to compete in a variety of races: France, Belgium, Holland, Africa and closer to home (slightly) the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands as well as the usual club races held in the north, south and midlands. Do read the Spring 2017 newsletter for a round up!
Congratulations to Frans Leitjens who completed the Marathon des Sables on Good Friday. This is a very tough race indeed.  Whist the distance might be considered "short" for Centurions - the terrain and conditions are not.

In 2016, the Centurions qualifying 100 mile race was held in the north and hosted by Redcar Race Walking Club and organised by Dave Jones and his team Trevor and Linda McDermot. It wasn't the easiest of courses with walkers having to compete for space along a busy promenade. The unusually hot weather (for Redcar) had brought a lot of holiday makers to the sea front. Nevertheless, the race produced six new Centurions out of the ten finishers. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Social Centurions
And, of course, we can also walk socially without having to race!!!

Since the social walks programme started in 2011, the Centurions have organsied two or three walks every year. Distances are varied as are the walks themselves. At first we were plugging long distances with a view to getting the miles in for future races. Now we are much wiser and concentrate on chat, cups of tea and often with a pint at the end. However, there is still room for longer distances for training and social walks if anyone wants to volunteer.... or has a favourite walk they want to share: please contact Steve Kemp, our social walks coordinator. The next social walk is in historic Cambridge on 30th April. Do come along. It's only 10km in distance and Cambridge is easy to get to. > More info on the Social page

The future:
Of course, we have to work hard in securing the follow-on years. We know that clubs are, understandably, reluctant to take on the heavy burden of organising and financing a 100 miles/24 hour race. We will always endeavour towork together with clubs to ensure that future hundreds happen. Between us (the Committee and fellow Centurions) we do have an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to put on these events.

The last couple of years our  "100s" were secure in the hands of the Isle of Man and Redcar RWC.
What of 2017? Fellow Centurion, Kevin Marshall has volunteered to organise the  qualifying 100 miles in his home town of Bury St Edmunds. Secretary, Chris Flint and myself have visited the venue and offered our support to Kevin and his team. At the beginnig of April, Kecin put on a "tester" race, so prospective athletes could take a lok at the courde. > Read the race report and see "turn by turn" photos (taken by myself!) on the Bury St Edmunds 100 page. Race details and how to enter

As many of you will know, at our AGM in January, Centurions voted in favour to affiliate to England Athletics as an “affiliated Association”. In so doing we took an historic step in our 100 plus year history; a step which will put the Centurions into the mainstream of British athletics.
The affiliation will give The Centurions:
  • the opportunity to advertise its events through the EA newsletter so raising awareness;
  • UKA liability insurance protection should the Centurions wish to put on its own races in the future;
  • affiliation to the Race Walking Association.
The Centurions wish to continue its traditional approach of working with clubs willing and able to host a 100 miles in 24 hours event.  The decision gives the Centurions the confidence to look forward to regular annual events leading to the 100th 100 in 2023! The affiliation commences 1st April 2017.


Surrey Walking Club are upholding their tradition of organising the RWA Long Distance Championship in 2018. It will be a 24 hour track race and is likely to be held at the Lewes track (Sussex) which is in walking distance of the railway station. More info to follow when details are firmed up.

I think I am on target with my promise to uphold the tradition of our Brotherhood/Sisterhood of encouraging and supporting race walkers at all levels to achieve the very best in themselves.

I am so proud of everyone who even bother to attempt a 100 mile race (whether already a Centurion or not). It is a big undertaking and it does take a lot of courage, not to mention anything else.
So well done to everyone who has survived the experience!

Please do feel free to contact me with any ideas, thoughts you may have.

Kathy Crilley C933

setting up "camp" Schiedam 2016

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Sandra Brown 2012-2015
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