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Martin Fisher  was elected Captain at the 2018 AGM

Following the decision in 2012 to limit the Captaincy to a three year period, Kathy Crilley C933 stepped down at the 2018 AGM. Martin Fisher was subsequently elected to serve as Captian for the next three years.

Message from Martin, Captain Centurions
Fellow Centurions,
Thank you for electing me as your Captain.
As I look at the list of previous holders, I hope that I can continue to drive forward the Centurions as they have done, upholding our traditions and philosophy.
Athletics has changed since my first 100 in 1985 however the achievement of the Centurions badge remains untarnished.
Wherever our future athletic challenges present themselves, I look forward to supporting you as your Captain.

Martin doing battle at the Redcar 100 miles in 2018

Vice Captains
There are two Vice Captains whose role it is to support the Captain. Frans Leitjens is our contacts with the CVN and our Dutch and Belgian colleagues: and Sue Clements  C.950

Past Captains

Kathy Crilley C.933

Sandra Brown

Charlie Weston C584

Colin Young C317

John Eddershaw C299

Peter Worth C491

Hew Neilson C145

Tommy Richardson C100

W.F. Baker C66

Ernest Neville C7

T.E. Hammond C10
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