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The Captain’s letter to the Centurions – March 2012

Dear Fellow Centurions

Spring is here, and it’s great to be out walking in the sunshine!
You can read about your Committee’s recent discussion of a number of ideas which I put forward to pursue our key aims to:

  • Reach out to a wide community of walkers and runners

  • Encourage existing Centurions to keep returning to walk in our events

  • Motivate aspiring Centurions to take part in the 100 and other events.

Taking forward the AGM’s support for Centurions’ social walks, the Committee has looked at the recently launched Jubilee Greenway (37m/60km) route for the Sunday 15th July.
If you are interested in the Jubilee Greenway social walk, please contact Kathy C933  who is organising the walk. Details about the  walk can be found

If you know people who are thinking about entering the RWA Colchester 100 on 22nd-23rd September, why not invite them along?
Suggestions for other Centurions’ social walks will follow or if you have any ideas, please contact the Secretatry Chris Flint.

ideas which we discussed for the future are:

  • Including a range of distances and options within our 100 miles event

  • Awarding certificates or badges to Centurions who complete multiple 100s, eg 5, 10, 15

  • Partnering with other events [eg 24h running events] if this helps us to stage our 100.

We agreed on the importance of publicising Centurions’ activities, to encourage participation and support.
The Committee would like to know YOUR ideas, and your comments and suggestions on the ideas discussed. Please send your ideas and suggestions to Chris for discussion at the next Committee meeting.
With best wishes for good health and good walking to Centurions everywhere.

Captain Sandra Brown [C735]

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