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Captain’s Letter                                                                                                                            
September 2012

Dear Fellow Centurions
Wow, fantastic, what a very special weekend! It’s no wonder that walkers who aren’t – yet - Centurions want some of this!

I’m writing this shortly after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 100 miles event put on by the Centurions in Colchester. The 100 is an extraordinary event: tough and challenging, taking us to the limits of our endurance, inspiring and humbling, friendly and fun. The Help for Heroes representative, thanking everyone for their donations to this charity, said he “entered a different world” at the weekend – a true compliment from him. It’s a world of astonishing endurance and courageous performances, of mutual encouragement, friendship and tireless support.
Becoming a Centurion puts a big smile on your face and a spring in your step, as we could see at the presentation on Sunday afternoon. It was my great pleasure, on behalf of you all, to welcome eight new members to the Brotherhood of Centurions. What a thrill to see young GB international walkers and local twins, Dom and Dan King, qualify in their home town. Youth, like age, is no barrier to the Centurions!

I congratulate and thank again all who came to Colchester, to walk and to help. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the wonderful people, officials, Centurions, families, friends, interested supporters, who gave their weekend so that others could walk, and to help new Centurions to achieve their dream. Thank you all, and especially to Chris Flint who worked hard over many months, helped by Kathy Crilley, to make the race happen.

Our AGM on 26 January 2013 will be a further opportunity to welcome new members, congratulate and thank all who were there, and for Centurions to meet together socially.

We were delighted, as always, to welcome our Dutch and Belgian friends to the event, as loyal and enthusiastic walkers, supporters and officials, including our Vice-President, Gerrit de Jong, and Vice-Captain, Piet Jansens.

Colchester Harriers AC, the local promoting club, were vital partners. We need walking clubs which can offer the Centurions their crucial partnership and local organisational knowledge and skills to stage qualifying 100s in future years. If you think your club could host a 100 miles event, please get in touch with Hon. Sec. Chris Flint.

Our 100 is an event without equal. Yes, it’s a race, but a race where everyone’s a winner and we are all there for each other. Young, veteran, man, woman – we’re all in this together. I’m proud that Centurions care and share. During our events, I love to hear walkers’ conversations as strangers become friends, and helpful tips are given on what to eat or wear and what to do with those FEET!

To those who made the 100 at Colchester, whether for the first time or many: very well done! To those who didn’t make 100 this time: you too have our admiration and respect. Look forwards, think positive, stay fit and hungry for the challenge. Enjoy your walking, and, above all, stay connected with the Centurions.
Keep in touch with our website for news about future events, including our AGM and further social walks. And if you know of Centurions and wannabees who are not on email, please share this information with them.
With the Centurions, you’ll never walk alone!

My best wishes to you all
Sandra Brown, C735, Captain

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