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Centenary Dinner

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The Centenary Centurions Dinner
House of Commons, Saturday, 14th May 2011

The Centurions held their 60th Anniversary Dinner at the House of Commons in 1971;

the 95th Re-union dinner was held at the RAF Club in London and attracted a total of 65 Centurions and guests.

The Centenary Celebratory Dinner in 2011 attracted 164 Centurions and guests.

What an amazing evening it was!

Our host and sponsor at the House of Commons was Bob Russell MP - and those who have competed at a 100 mile event in Colchester will know the name as he was for many years the MP for Colchester and has started at least three of our races there. "Started" means he told everyone to GO!

Cliffe Royle, C148, and as our "youngest" Centurion gave the Loyal Toast;

Carl Lawton, our President applauded all our guests and Frans Leitjens, Assistant Secretary C.V.N Netherlands gave a most eloquent toast to The Society - as it was designated way back in 1911 > Read Frans' speech.

We have had many messages from Centurions telling us how much they enjoyed the evening and indeed many messages offering congratulations and best wishes before the dinner.

What emerged from the evening is just how much everyone thought about "The Centurions" and what it means to be a Centurion: walking 100 miles in 24 hours generated a huge sense of achievement and a sense of belonging to a very special band of people - who are indeed committed to taking forward the message of what it means to be a part of the Brotherhood.

And indeed the Centurions extends beyond the shores of the United Kingdom... testimony to the Centurions who came from Canada, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Wight, the Ise of Man and from all parts of England and Wales to celebrate our Centenary

More about the evening
Toast to the "Society" from Frans Leitjens, Assistant Secretary, C.V.N (Netherlands)

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