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The Centurions' affairs are managed by elected Officers plus a "Committee" which meets three or four times a year. See the links opposite to view more information on the Committee.

The Committee is always looking for Centurions to join existing members to help shape our future. Contact the Hon. Secretary is you would like to know more.

The election of Officers is held at the AGM - and again we welcome all Centurions to come along and take part and have your say. Elections for the offices of President and Captain are held every three years. But there is no time bar on the remaining Officers and Committee members.
The AGM 2017 Minutes [pdf] tells of our affiliation to England Athletics which will secure the success of the Brotherhood of Centurions well into the future.
The 2018 AGM  notes of the meeting.
The 2019 AGM, held in London, 26th January. See the headline news

Every December, the President and Captain send out Christmas Letters to Centurions to keep everyone updated on the year's events.

Officers & Committee members
elected 2019
Pam Ficken C.934
Vice Presidents
Sandra Brown C.735
Kathy Crilley C.933
Jill Green C.898
Piet Jansens C.389
Gerrit de Jong C.456
Ann Sayer MBE C.599
Jack Thomas C.606
R. Watts C.838
K. Watts C.859
C.Young C.317
Hon. Secretary
Sue Clements C.950
Martin Fisher C.788
Vice Captains
Frans Leitjens C.949
Sue Clements C.950
Richard Cole C.928
Hon. Assistant Secretary
Andrew Thacker C.805
Web Manager
Kathy Crilley C.933
Sue Clements C.950
Social Walks
Steve Kemp C.1075
Alex Ross C.854
Committee Members

Carl Lawton C.750

Ann Sayer MBE C.599

Eric Horwill C.390  (as immediate Past President)

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