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Continental Centurions

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Continental Centurions

The Continental Centurions were established 1973 and are not to be confused with the CVN!

The first Continental Centurion 1  was Jan Vos.

The rules to obtain this title are roughly the same as for (UK) Centurions: you have to walk 160.928 kilometres (100 miles) within 24 hours at an approved race on Dutch soil in a judged competition.

Normally these races are organised in alternative years by the two major race walking clubs:  O.L.A.T. and R.W.V. (in Weert and Schiedam respectively).

Just like a British Centurion, a Continental Centurion receives a unique number which he or she will keep for the rest of his/her life (and beyond).

Continental Centurions are mainly Dutch, but there are also a growing number of German, Belgian, British and Danish Continental Centurions.

The Continental Centurion title is handed out by the R.W.V. as it is the most active race walking club in the Netherlands.

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