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CVN Reunion 2013

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Saturday 16th  November 2013
Riga Ranch Horse Dairy 
Blokland 56

The CVN reunion 2013  once more turned out to be a friendly socialable event in a most unusal setting.

Piet Jansen had chosen Riga Ranch (a throw back when emigres from Russia settled in this part of Holland) as the venue for our informal get together.

The ranch has thoroughbred horses from Austria and the mares are milked with the end product of chocolate!. We visited the stables and were given a demonstration of the milking, then proceeded to the chocolate making. Samples were handed round - rather too sweet for some!

Next came our lunch... as the Ranch is close to the town of Gouda, we had generous portions of this famous cheese along with wonderful homemade bread.

The most formal part of the day was the recognition of the Centurions present and the awarding of certificates and trophies won at the 2013 Isle of Man 100.

The British Centurions were represented by Committee members: Chris Flint Flint (Hon.Secretary), Kathy Crilley (Assistant Secretary/web manager, Richard Brown (Hon.Treasurer) and Sandra Brown (Captain)

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