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CVN Reunion 2015

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Saturday 21st November 2015

The Committee of the C.V.N. invited all Centurions (and their partners) to their Annual Centurion Meeting held at the Bistro “De Postduif” in the small town of  Wijk en Aalburg in the province of North Brabant.
Centurions from the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK (President, Ann Sayer; Captain, Kathy Crilley; Secretary, Chris Flint and Assistant Secretary/Archivist, Sue Clements) showed up on a very cold wet Saturday morning to be together and celebrate "Centurionism". 
First on the agenda was the Reception with coffee/tea and cakes in the Bistro restaurant. This gave everyone the chance to renew old friendships and reminisce over past races.

As always, the CVN local organiser put together an interesting itinery of local points of interest. In Wijk en Aarlburg, this was a small museum dedicated to the VW "beetle" (see photos below) and just down the street an interesting collection of everything electrical. More than one person recognised their old record player, telephone, televison....

At 15.00 hr on the dot we were back in the bistro for more talking and drinking and once everyone was settled this was quickly followed by the presentation of certificates, badges (or "pins") and flowers to the new Centurions and finishers from the Netherlands and Belgium at the Castletown 100 miles race held in the Isle of Man in August.
At last, the food was served! And how good it was, too.

Sadly it was soon time to leave and for the UK contingent - head back to Calais.

Thank you so much CVN - Piet and Janni Jansens, Frans Leitjens, Gerrit de Jong and everyone who made it such an enjoyable day.

Report by Kathy Crilley, Captain.

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