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Malaysian Centurions

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Malaysian Centurions

The Malaysia Centurion Club was formed in 2001 and they held their first 24 hour walk in August of that year. The inaugural race saw 11 new members. The next event was held in August 2003 and saw twelve Centurion finishers to make 23 Malaysian Centurions in total - from 15 countries.

Interestingly, organiser Khoo Chong Beng had decided that each finisher would be awarded a Malaysian Centurion number even if it was a second finish. This is the only Centurion "club" which operates in this fashion. At the other Centurion races a unique Centurion number is awarded on the occasion of the first finish.

While the first 3 events had been held in the relative coolness of the Genting Highlands resort, their most recent event, in August 2007, was staged in central Kuala Lumpur. The tough conditions ensured that only 5 walkers reached the 100 mile target. Of the 5 successful walkers, 3 were Malaysian, indicating the increasing standard of local ultra walking within that country. The other interesting note is that Kenyan women finished 1st, 2nd and 4th in the women's division, definitely another first in the world of ultra walking. Is this perhaps the first sign of an African interest in the ultra running and ultra walking disciplines.

2007 was last 100 mile Centurion qualifying race held in Malaysia.

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