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Centurions Centenary Dinner
1911- 2011

House of Commons, 14th May 2011

The Menu
The Toasts
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The Menu

Oven Dried Plum Tomato & Basil Tart

Roast Tenderloin of Pork with Braised Shoulder & Black Pudding ‘bon bon’

Wild Mushroom and Ricotta layered with Puff Pastry & Watercress Foam (for the Vegetarians)

Summer Pudding

Coffee & Petit Fours

Grace was said by The Reverend David Watson C.881

The Wine Taking

As is the tradition, wine taking takes its toll as the President always wishes to take wine with the many special guests.....

This evening honoured guests include:

  • those who were present here in the Members Dining Room in 1971 - the Centurions 60th Anniversary

  • those who have completed 20 or more 100 miles, or longer, events

  • our overseas guests (Denmark, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, France)

  • all Lady Centurions

  • any Olympians and those who have represented their country in athletics

  • those who have been decorated by their Head of State

  • those Octagenarian Centurions

  • those unsung heroes who have supported and officiated at the 100 miles (and longer) races

The Toasts & The Speeches

Bob Russell MP, our sponsor, has proved a true friend to the Centurions over the years and is well known to those race walkers who have taken part in the 100miles/24 hour races held in Castle Park, Cochester.
Bob gave a very warm welcome to all Centurions and their guests at this special occasion at the House of Commons.

And again, tradition dictates a Loyal Toast to Her Majesty, The Queen which was given by Cliff Royle C.148.
Cliff and his wife Margaret had travelled down to London from Lancashire (as they had done for the 95th Centurions Anniversary Dinner) and made the most of their weekend ...taking in a show.. enjoying the sights etc!
Cliff qualified as a Centurion way back in 1949 and so tonight he was the "youngest" Centurions present - despite being in his 80s!

The President of the Centurions, Mr Carl Lawton C.750 gave a speech and a toast to the Guests.
Mr Frans Leijtens C.389 is the Assistant Secretary of C.V.N (Centruions Vereingingen Nederlands) and he gave a most eloquent speech and a toast to The Society. [The Centurions Commiittee in 1911 refers to Brotherhood of Centurions as The Society in Minute Book Number 1]

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