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Tributes to Centurions who have passed away 2004 - 2005

Friends and family of Centurions who have passed away are remembered in the News section



Frank O'Neill C.136
Blackpool resident FRANK O’NEILL (aged 88) who was Centurion No. 136, having qualified in the 1947 London-to-Brighton-and-Back. Ron Wallwork knew him better than most, and remembers that Frank used his house as the changing room for Lancashire Walking Club races from Swinton (his lounge being the changing room) using roads that could never be walked upon these days owing to traffic levels. This year was the first that anybody could remember him not being recording at the Lancashire long-distance classic (Once the Manchester-to-Blackpool, but nowadays the Blackpool 50 Miles). We say farewell to another worthy who has served the sport both long and well.
Thanks to Essex Walker for this report

Bill Symes C216

15th April 2005
With regret you are informed of the sad death of Bill SYMES, aged 92, who died on Friday, 15th April 2005, after a fall in  hospital.    He was a member of Queen's Park Harriers and London Vidarians (2nd claim).  Bill was elected as a Centurions Vice-President in 1982.  He qualified as a Centurion (No.216) in the Birmingham-to-London race in Coronation Year in a time of 22.34.03, and during his racing career completed the Sub-24 Hours 100 Miles on 8 occasions.   He was also Don Thompson's attendant when Don himself first achieved the feat in 1978. Bill was also a prominent police athlete who was also a marathon runner of some note.


Cliff George Rushton C539
Cliff completed the Leicester to Skegness 100 miles in 1974 in 22 hours 43 minutes 11 seconds.  64 started and 40 finished, so Cliff did well.
In Remembrance,
Chris Flint C.849
Secretary, Centurions.

Phil Hastings C.632
Phil and Anne Hastings were tragically killed in a car crash on a visit to the Eastern Cape on 13 July 2004.
Phil's daughter, Juliette, wrote to Hans Rennie who forwarded the news.
We have very little information of the circumstances, other that both died on impact. Apparently, the weather in the Eastern Cape that day was appalling,  with snow and heavy rain.
A memorial service was held in Cape Town on 23rd July 2004.
Our deepest sympathies are extended to Juliette.
We are all the better for having Phil come into our race walking lives.

Roger Le Moine. C802
22nd April 2004
Roger was having treatment for cancer of the liver, and was on his second course of chemotherapy when his body had a re-action to it, and suffered a heart attack whilst having an x ray. It was his wish that he would be just be cremated and without any funeral service.
Everyone will have their own memories of Roger and how he helped each and everyone us at sometime during our walking careers. Roger qualified as Centurion in 1986 at the Leiceter 100. Also, not forgetting that Roger set up the first Centurions UK web site.

Geurt Reeringh C-412.
Centurion 412 Geurt Reeringh (86 years)
Geeurt became a Centurion in 1967 in the London - Brighton race

Dennis Vale C.549
Isle of Man. Surrey Walking Club
Denis became a Centurion at the Surrey Ewhurst 100 in 1975 in  a time of 19h43m 30s

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