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Tributes to Centurions who have passed away 2007 -2008

Friends and family of Centurions who have passed away are remembered in the News section

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Norman A. Knott C321.
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you, Norman passed away on December 19th, 2008 from a massive heart attack.  I can only thank God that he did not allow Norman to suffer, as he had experienced several scary times since his major heart surgery in 1995.
We had been married 51 wonderful years in October 2008, for which I am most grateful. He was a truly gentle and loving father, devoted grandad and we miss him terribly.
He was a member of the Woodford, Essex club and also Brighton, Sussex.
Yours very sincerely,
Margaret Knott.

Frits van Duynhoven C-418

Frits died after a hard illness on Saturday the 11th October 2008 on an age of 68 years old.
Frits became to Centurion at Leicester-Skegness 1968 and he did his second 100 miles in London 1995 (3rd place)
C-389 P.Jansens

Gerry Rhodes C292

Gerry Rhodes,one of Surrey's oldest and long standing members, passed away on Sunday, 2nd November  2008. Gerry was 92 years old. His election to the Club was 1st November 1935 which means 73 years of membership.
Nonagenarian Gerry was the son of HAROLD RHODES who had become Centurion No.52 in 1912.
When Gerry became Centurion 292 in the 1959 London-to-Brighton-and-Back race he passed 100 Miles in 20.42.42, being 1 of 4 newcomers from his Club on the day. That 1959 race was extended to 106 Miles (from 104) as the A23 was rerouted around the newly opened Gatwick Airport. Gerry did the full journey in 22.02.49. Of 52 starters 20 completed 100 miles in under 24 hours with 15 doing so for their first time.
from Dave Ainsworth

Anton Bruël  C-440

4th September 2008.
C-440 Anton was living for many years in France and was a friendly and warm personality. C-440 Anton was the brother of C-443 Jan Bruël.
C-440 Anton Bruël became to Centurion in the 100 miles of Bristol 1969. He was 5 times succesfully in a 100 miles race.
1969 Bristol,  1970 Leicester-Skegness,  1971 Ewhurst,  1972 Leicester-Skegness and 1973 Bristol.
C-389 Piet Jansens

Harry Zegular DORRAS C.409

Harry Zegular DORRAS C409, Metropolitan W.C., died in his sleep on Friday 30th May 2008 after a long battle with cancer. He was 86 years old. The funeral took place on Friday 6th June.
He leaves a wife, Betty and two children Ross and Joanne.  He became a Centurion during the 1967 London to Brighton and back, in a time of 20.05.02.
Bob Porter C721 attended the funeral.

Chris Clegg C135

Centurion 135 CHRIS CLEGG has bowed out.    He qualified in the 1947 London-to-Brighton-and-Back event and also repeated that feat later in his career.    He was still attempting 100 Miles racing when Hon.Ed. qualified in 1974!    
Chris was a member of Leicester's winning National teams in the 1946 20 Miles at Coventry and the National 50K at Bradford.    You might have read about Mr.Clegg's death before in various publications, for it was reported (in error) a short while back.   Chris found out and write to let us know that he was still alive but was not very well.   Well sadly, in the this occasion, the Grim Reaper has caught up with him.
from Dave Ainsworth

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