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In Memorium
Centurion Obituaries

Tributes to Centurions who have passed away
But they are not forgotten as their fellow walkers speak fondly of those who were once their friends.
Many recollections of daring deeds are collected together in these Obituaries pages.

Friends and family of Centurions who have passed away are remembered in the News section


Obituary Archive

Eric Lee C429

Guy Goodair has passed on the news that Eric Lee C429 of Wakefield Harriers has passed on at the age of 88 years after a battle with cancer. He had a noteworthy race walking career:
Eric was a member of Wakefield’s successful race walking team of the 1960s and a counter when the team won the Northern 50kms Championship in 1968 and 1969 and took 2nd place in the National 50kms the same year. He became a Centurion (429) in the Leicester 24 hours 1969 and in 1970 had probably his finest race when he won the Isle of Man race over the 37.75miles TT Course. He moved to Fort William with his job with British Rail and later ran a successful Bed & Breakfast business together with a cycle hire outlet.

Doug Fotheringham C 373

Doug passed away on Sunday 18th November 2018.
Doug was Belgrave Harriers, Centurions, a Metrpololitan Police Athletics' Association life member and a former President of the Middlesex County AA

Tributes from fellow race walkers:
  • Very sad to hear of the passing of Doug Fotheringham, who was very much one of the foundation stones of the Met Police Race Walking Club as a top class competitor, Secretary over countless years and Editor of our Newsletter and latterly as a Super Vet.  He will be fondly remembered by so many past and present members.  May he Rest in Peace.  With sincere condolences, Bill and Kath Sutherland
  • A gentleman and an inspiration and a star.  Edbanger (Ed Shillabeer)
  • I'm so sorry.  Many happy memories of racing with Doug. Cath Duhig.
  • Very sad news.   An outstanding man and a great loss.  I remember Doug well and it's great he had such an active career.   Sandra Brown C735
  • What a nice chap, Doug was always cheerful in a quiet way.....he had a great camper van.    Peter Selby
  • Sorry to hear the passing of the Metropolitan Police Walking Club ex-Chair Doug Fotheringham.    Kitty Hung
  • Sad, very sad.    Kevin Carley

Such very sad news to learn of the passing of Doug Fotheringham. A true gentleman and loyal supporter of Police race walking events in the past and with whom I have many fond memories.  My sincere condolences go to all the family.   R.I.P Doug.  Glyn Jones

Doug was Middlesex County AA race walking sec for a number of years, before I took over.  He kept everyone informed via regular circulars and organised the 10 mile championship as a separate event until we joined up with Essex at Chigwell.  He used Luton Hoo, Copthall and Donkey Lane as venues over the years.  Doug won at least two World Vets/Masters titles, in New Zealand, sometime in the 1990's. John Hall

Veterans Athletic Club are sorry to hear of the passing of Doug Fotheringham at the age of 88.  He was a stalwart of Belgrave Harriers, life member of VAC, past chairman of Metropolitan Police Walking Club, past president Middlesex County AA, and on retirement from race walking continued to support events as a spectator despite living in Lincolnshire.  He was also a Centurion qualifying in the 1965 Chigwell 100 miles.  He is survived by sons Neal and Mark.  Dave Hoben for Vets AC

Adds Dave Ainsworth.   Doug was a stalwart Belgrave Harrier, a former Middlesex County AA President, long-serving holder of Honorary Offices at the Metropolitan Police Race Walking Club and an esteemed Life Member of the Metropolitan Poice Athletics' Association.  He became Centurion No.373 at the 1965 Metropolitan Police Chigwell 100 Miles when, on a difficult course he clocked 21:31.09.

Doug was a much liked figure on the race walking circuit and I recall many a "battle" with him on the Vets 5 mile circuit at Battersea Park and in other races. I could never quite catch him! A good Centurion. He will be sadly missed. Kathy Crilley C933

To Dave Ainsworth: Sir, thank you for this latest Essex Walker.
Doug Fotheringham - I was greatly sadded with the news of his departure.  We were good friends of the road and the annual MPWC annual dinner.  I shall remember him well.  John Northcott - now 84 myself it is becoming an ever sad day with good friends passing on.

Race Walking Record November 2018
The Race Walking Association is saddened to report the passing of Doug Fotheringham aged 88, who passed away at home on Sunday 18th November.
Doug served in the Metropolitan Police for 35 years having joined in 1950, rising to the rank of Inspector and for many years he was chairman of the Metropolitan Police Race Walking Club.
He was a past President of the Race Walking Association, Southern Area Race Walking Association and Middlesex Athletic Association.
Doug was an elected Life Member of the Metropolitan Police Athletic Association and Belgrave Harriers.
His race walking career spanned many years from being a young police constable through to competing around the world in veterans events.
In 1981 he established himself as a significant force in Veteran Athletics when winning tow gold medals at the World Veterans Championships held in New Zealand. He retired from international competition in 2007 having amassed thirty-five medals; seven gold at World Championships and five at European Championships. He also won seven silver and bronze at world level and nine silver and four bronze in European events.
A regular member of Belgrave’s teams, Doug was always a strong team player.
Doug became Centurion 373 in 1965 clocking 21:31:09 for 100 miles at Chigwell over a tough 10 lap course.
Condolences are expressed to his sons Mark and Neal and their families including three grandchildren.

Message to Ron Wallwork from Neal Fotheringham
...He was a centurion (373) and very proud of race walking. He and my late mum Maureen travelled the world when my dad competed as a veteran. He was 88 years young ...
The funeral was held on: 11th December at the South Lincs Crematorium, Surfleet and was attended by Centurions President, Eric Horwill and Secretary, Chris Flint.
Cees Rijndorp Centurion 887

Writes Frans Leitjens on 4th November 2018:
We regret to inform you that on 11 October 2018 Centurion 887 Cees Rijndorp has passed away. Cees was also Continental Centurion 153 and a member of the Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging. Cees became a Centurion in Ewhurst (1991) and repeated this feat in 1993 in London (Battersea Park). Cees lived in Willemstad and reached the respectable age of 86.

The Centurions, at home and abroad,  extend our sympathies to the family and friends of Cees.

Dr John Moore C658

John Moore C658 was a long standing member of the LDWA  Wessex Group, and died recently (1st October) from myeloma.  His wife, Rosemary, had written and said he was a proud Centurion and enjoyed reading the Christmas letters.
John qualified in the Surrey WC Ewhurst 100 in 1979 with a time of 21:39:04. (Along with fellow LDWA memebers Ernie Bishop, A Armstrong, John Westcott and Ken Saunders.)
Added from the obituary written by John's brother, Peter Moore and published in the LDWA April 2019 edition:
John had completed many long distance events (including 78 marathons) and LDWA events such as the Dorset Doddle, The Ridge Way, South Downs 100 miles.
He also did a lot of long distance running - London to Brighton in 6 hours 55 minutes.

Truly an accomplished athlete.

Jan van der Hoeven   C. 672

Frans Leitjens reports on 2nd August 2018
We regret to inform you all that Centurion 672, Jan van der Hoeven from Naaldwijk, passed away on 30 July 2018 at the age of 78. Jan became a Centurion at the 1979 Ewhurst 100 miles in a time of 23.16.27. He was a member of Olympus '70.

Peter Emery C625

On 15 June 2018, Ron Wallwork reports the passing of C625 Peter Emery...
It is with sadness that I report the death of 80 year old Peter Emery on 26th May this year after a short illness.
Peter completed two 100 miles races - 1977 in Bristol and again in 1982 at the Leicester 100.

Writes Dave Ainsworth:
Readers wil be much saddened to hear of Peter's passing at the age of 80.  Aylesbury-based Peter made many appearances, both for the Borough of Enfield Harriers and for his Bus Company sports club in London Business Houses events.  He enjoyed distance events more than shorter races, and relished the challenge of a walk from London-to-Brighton on the first Saturday of September.  His love of a challenge saw him complete two 100 miles' events - at Bristol in 1977 (23.41.17 becoming Centurion 625) and at Congerstone (Leicester) in 1982.
Bristol was some race as His Grace The Duke of Beaufort was "Mr.Starter".  He set 84 on their way to tackle a truly testing course which was rural with a small lap then 10 large laps - at the end of each was a very long and steep hill.  For a 2nd successive year it was Manxman Derek Harrison who led them home (56 finishers) in 17 hours 43 minutes.  In the 70s 100 miles were won in such times!   Most interest was shown in 2 lady competitors, Ann Sayer (who raced for Essex Ladies) and the late Dianne Pegg of Medway AC, who clocked 20.37.14 and 22.05.30 respectively.   They became the first ladies to join The Centurions, Ann going on to become their first lady President.  Others on this result sheet included Graham Peddie, Jack Thomas and the late Brian Copp, who claimed numbers 605, 606 and 622 respectively.  When among 77 lining up for the 1982 Leicester 100 Miles, he was also set on his way by a notable "Mr.Starter" - the Lord Mayor of Leicester.  Peter was 40th of 55 finishers clocking 23.06.34.  It was some race as despite apalling overnight weather, Mike Holmes Jnr won in 17.21.52 - the 2nd fastest UK Centurions qualifying time (only bettered by the late John Moullin/16.55.44/1971/Ewhurst).  For good measure 3rd placed Irene Corlett (Boundary Harriers) clocked 18.54.05 to be the fastest lady Centurion qualifier.  Others finishing that 1982 race included Bob Porter, Phil Hastings, Roger Michel, Brian Gale, John Dunsford and a certain Sandra Brown who qualified in 22.18.24 - of whom much more would be heard right up to 2018 with more to come!

Peter was an authority on military history, especially The Great War.  He was a long time supporter of Aylesbury United FC - though good and bad times (often the latter).  His health had suffered over the years but he still managed to get along to Enfield races from time-to-time, where he was always a most welcome and cheerful attender.   He was a lovely man and to his widow Dawn and children Dyrol, Natasha and Tanyia, we express our profound condolence on their sad loss.

More tributes
So sorry to hear of the passing of Peter Emery, Centurion 625 and a great Enfield Club Stalwart.  I vividly remember him on the Inter Club Matches in the 60’s and 70’s often on ‘out and back’ courses where he was always giving words of encouragement to all.  He will be sadly missed.  May he Rest in Peace.  Our sincere condolences,  Bill and Kath Sutherland

I remember Peter well as he and I regularly shared the back marker position, so we were able to chat about the joys of being alternative athletes.
Chris Foster

Jan Vos C.369 and CC.001

Jan Pier Vos passed away on 26 January 2018 at the age of  79. He had been a member of  Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging (RWV) for 53 years and just five days before he died had attended the RWV AGM in Rotterdam.
Jan was well known on the race walking circuit at home, in the UK and France where he competed in the prestigious Paris Colmar in 1986 completing the 517 kilometre race in 72 hours and 49 minutes.
Jan qualified as a British Centurion in 1965 at the Metropolitan Police Chigwell course "The Chigwell 100" where he came second in a time of 19 hours 27 minutes and 41 seconds. In 1987, Jan finished 4th at the British Centurions 100 miles race at Ewhurst (photo below)
In all, Jan completed 13 British Centurion 100 mile races.
In 1965 Jan was awarded the title "Honderdman" having completed 100km in a time of 11.15.00 hours. In 1973 Jan became the very first Continental Centurion and was awarded the badge number 001 for completing 100 miles in 17.37.59
Jan also took part in many of the multi day walks in Holland: Nijmegen, 50 times and Apeldoorn - 40 times.
Photos of Jan.

Finished 4th in 1967

Ken Cardozo C.941

Writes Daves Ainsworth:
Barnet-based Ken, a former active member of Stock Exchange AC & Borough of Enfield Harriers (as then called), sadly passed away at the age of 77 on New Year's Day after a long period of ill health. He'd been a talented sportsman at athletics, boxing and football - but better known for once being World Scrabble Champion.
Long distance race walking was his forte, and he first completed the classic Stock Exchange London-to-Brighton Walk in the late '60s. His best year in that event was 1973 when coming 12th in 9.47.33. He became Centurion 941 when completing the 1995 Battersea Park 100 Miles in 23.38.50. Ken dug deep into his fitness to complete his journey as he'd began to lean somewhat by halfway - and much credit must be given to his attendant - Ilford AC & Stock Exchange AC Centurion Dave Neagle for giving him great support and motivation. In that 1995 race 65 started/32 finished/1 dq. Among finishers were the late Boyd Millen, Kathy Crilley, Pam Ficken, Dave Kates, popular Essex visitor Hans van der Knapp & Southend-on-Sea AC stalwart Ray Platt. All finished on a day & night of heat and high humidity. Great weather attracted thousands into the park, making it hard work for Ken and his fellow competitors, as pedestrians and many skate boarders were also on the park's Queen's Carriageway. We extend our condolence to Ken's family.

Geoff Dowling C635
Sadly, we report the passing of Geoff Dowling on 28th September after a few days in hospital.
Morecambe born, Geoff had been a member of Yorkshire Race Walking Club since 1963 and was the current President of the Club. He was, for many years, Race Secretary for both the Bradford Whit Walk and the 'Dick Hudson' events. In his race walking career, he won a gold medal in the 2005 European Masters Championship in Portugal as a member of the UK Masters team.
Geoff qualified as a Centurion in 1978 (Leicester to Skegness) finishing in 22 hours 37 minutes.
He contributed to a variety of publications with articles of sporting, industrial and military history
Geoff was awarded the Korean War Medal.

Very sad to hear of the Passing of Geoff Dowling C635, who was a real powerhouse of Ultra Distance and Northern Area Race Walking over so many years.  Very few have made the immense contribution he has made. May he Rest in Peace.  Bill and Kath Sutherland

This is very sad news.  Geoff was a real character and a tough competitor, and achieved much in his race walking career.  I'm sure his funeral will be well attended and few anecdotes told.  Chris Flint.

Trevor Chorley C.435

Trevor's son, Martin, informed us of is fathers passing:
"Trevor passed away on the 22/06/2017 at the ripe old age of 88, he was immensely proud of his Centurion membership and his two walks he raced in, with his best ever time of 19 hrs 45minutes and 45 secs."

Trevor  grained his Centurion number, C 435, in 1969 with a time of 21:35:54. The race was organised by Chas Shelley of the Bristol Race Walking Club - “The Bristol 100”.
The race was held on a 10 mile lap at Winterbourne on virtually traffic free country roads. The race was started by His Grace the Duke of Beaufort and there were 59 walkers in the race. Trevor walked with another local chap called Les Gwinnell. His time noted abovre A very good improvement on his first race!!
In 1970 Trevor entered the Leicester to Skegness 100 miles race. 65 started but only 31 finished. Trevor appears to figure in our history as he didn’t disclose on the race entry form that he was already a Centurion and this caused a bit of confusion when handing out the medals later!!!

If anyone has any memories or anecdotes or simply remembers Trevor, please do get in touch as Martin is trying to collect any memorabelia for his grandchildren. Sue Clements (Archivist)

Teunis van de Pol C.960
Frans Leitjen reports:We are sad to report that yesterday (12 March) Centurion 960, Teunis van de Pol, has died unexpectedly. Teunis was an experienced walker, who did the Nijmegen Four Days Marches 26 times and the Nijmegen-Rotterdam 100 mile walk 13 times. Teunis became a Centurion in Battersea Park in London (1999). He also held the Continental Centurion title and was a member of the RWV. Nowadays, he mainly walked with his wife Jennie and his grandson Thomas. We wish them a lot of strength with their sudden loss.

Ernie Bishop C. 654

Ernie completed his 100 miles in 21.02.59 at the 1979 Ewhurst 100 organised by Surrey Walking Club.
According to the Centurion Handbook he did not complete any more, possibly because his focus was on the LDWA.
He served on the national LDWA committee for 12 years, including 3 years as Chairman. He was also the first chairman of Kent Group and completed 11 LDWA 100 mile challenge walks.

Ernie is pictured on the extreme right.
Other Centurions pitcured:
Phil Hastings C632 on the left
Mike Powell Davies C 709 with dark hair and beard in the background.
Keith Chesterton C 704 centre front with map case.
Bernard John Rawlings C. 212

Leicester Walking Club are sad to announce that Jack Rawlings died on 18th September 2016 aged 90.
Jack was born in the Chippenham area in 1926 and moved to Leicester to train as an engineer.
Jack joined the Leicester Walking Club in 1951 and in 1953 walked from Birmingham to Wembley Stadium to become a Centurion 212 (22 hours 7mins 52 secs)
Jack was one of the original Senior Coaches trained by Lloyd Johnson in the 1960’s. He was also Club Captain, President and was editor of the Leicester Walking Club magazine (step by step) in the 1960’s.
Jack was a coach and mentor and when he moved to Stratford upon Avon in the early 1970’s to work as a lecturer at the local college he still continued to come down the walking club every Saturday for the next 38 years
Photo  is Jack in his racing gear in 1960 as the anchor man of Leicester’s team that came third in the National 10 Miles. (Jack finished in 43rd place in a time of 84:38).
George J. Birchall C220
We have just heard about the death earlier this year of C220 George Birchall. George qualified as a Centurion in 1954 in a time of 19:32:27,
George’s father was G.P. Birchall C.101 also of the Lancs WC who qualified at the Bradford track in 1936. They were the great walkers of the day.
Vic Murray C256

Vic passed away over the weekend of 23-24 April 2016 aged 88 years.  Vic qualifed as a Centurion at the London - Brighton and back race in 1955.
Writes Tony Taylor:
Vic Murray - an inspirational Centurion
It was heartening to hear that there was a good turnout for Vic Murray’s funeral with Eric Horwill attending as President of the Centurions. Quiet and unassuming he was a much loved member of the club, always willing to help out, whatever the task.
Fred Pearce, who supplied the evocative photo (left) of Vic racing over 60 years ago, recalls that his Dad, Fred Pearce Senior and Vic finished together in the London-Brighton and Back in 1955 when they became Centurions No 255 and 256 with a time of 22hrs 29mins 50secs.

Chris Bolton was very close to Vic. Indeed Chris remembers Vic as his mentor, the reason he both joined Lancashire Walking Club and became a Centurion. This is the story Chris penned for the Centurions web site.

"In May 1957 I went to Blackpool to watch the finish of the Manchester to Blackpool relay race. This was an eleven man relay featuring the best running clubs from the Midlands and North of England.
It was there that I met Vic Murray who told me that each year he walked Manchester to Blackpool, a distance of 51.75 miles. I couldn’t believe anyone could walk that far; he then told me that he had walked 100 miles within 24 hours and was Centurion No. 256. At that moment ambition was born and I knew that I wanted to be a Centurion.
Four weeks later, aged eighteen and with no training or preparation I stood on the start line at 6-15 am to walk from Manchester to Blackpool. With only the confidence and ignorance of youth I kept with Vic for forty miles. At that point I decided to retire and a message was sent for a car to pick me up. After sitting at the side of the road for forty minutes I realised that the message must have gone astray and as one of last walkers passed (Billy Watson C146) I decided to join him and finish the race. In the end I finished in 11 hours and 3 minutes, just behind Billy but in last place.
Well that certainly wasn’t an auspicious start but I was hooked. Five years later I finished the Manchester to Blackpool Walk in fourth position and led Lancashire Walking Club to the Team Title. Seven days later I qualified as a Centurion, finishing together with Brian Howarth and Paddy Dowling, and I would be forever grateful for the chance meeting with Vic Murray.
On crossing the finishing line I was the youngest Centurion at that moment, not the youngest ever. However 48 minutes later Davey Moncrieff of Sheffield crossed the line and he was three months younger than I was so that distinction didn’t last long.

Chris continues:
Vic will be sadly missed and I cherish many happy memories of him. He had a wry sense of humour. I remember him telling me one day that Marie was suspicious of him clearing off every Saturday (it wasn’t true of course) and that he had to show her his blisters to prove what he’d been doing. As he said “its a good job I didn’t tell her I went horse riding”. For my part I won’t be able to approach the turn in Heaton Park on the Simister course without remembering Vic’s welcoming encouragement and the time he chided me gently for claiming the cone was in the wrong place!

Vic Murray, Centurion 256 – Rest in Peace
Wilf Smith C275.
Leicester Walking Club are sad to report the death of Wilf Smith C275.
Wilf, who passed away yesterday (6th February 2016) aged 91 years, was a one of the club's stars from many years ago but remained a life long supporter.
In July 1958, 34 year old Wilf hit the front page of the Leicester Mercury by winning Leicester Walking Club’s Leicester to Skegness race on his first attempt to become centurion number 275. He completed two further Leicester to Skegness walks and many of the long running Leicester Mercury 20 Miles races.

From the Archives:
Leicester Walker No 16 (date unknown the last edition of this  Newsletter in 2009)
In the past Wilf has been mentioned frequently in THE LEICESTER WALKER , either do to the fact that he usually acknowledges safe receipt of this newsletter and incidentally sends along some stamps to help alleviate the cost of postage and production.
He is also mentioned due to the fact that he was the inaugural winner of the 1958 Leicester to Skegness Walk.
I therefore thought that it would be quite appropriate for me to produce of few details about Wilf’s career as a Walker. I was prompted to do this when I saw a photograph and article about Wilf in the Leicester Mercury recently.

The article is headed ‘Champ who made headlines in 1958 still going strong. Wilf, 84, fit as a fiddle.
Wilf still trains every day when he alternates stretches one day with running on the spot the other for 45 mins. He did the Skegness 100 three times and ran the Leicester Marathon twice. He and his wife Marg have 4 children, 14 grand children and 14 great grand children. His winning time in 1958 to become Centurion no. 275 was 18.02.37. He was third in 1960 behind Frank O’Reilly in 18.18.32 and then after a break of 14 years finished his third 100 in 1974 with a time of 20.15.34.
I have a great affinity with Wilf as I was his cyclist attendant on his first two hundreds and in 1974 his was in the winning team along with Dave Jones and me. What is more we both started our walking careers in the same race, the 1954 Leicester Mercury 20 miles.
However, his time in that race of 3.11.15 was some 44 mins. faster that me. He went on to figure prominently, particularly in the longer events and won the Midland 50kms. title in 1956 with a time of 4.54.07. We raced against each other on a number of occasions during our first few years, although I probably did more races than Wilf , it took over 3 years from our first race for me to beat him in a 6 mile club race. This was in September 1957. I won in 51.53 with Wilf finishing 3rd. in 55.00. In fact it wasn’t until March 1958 that I beat Wilf in a longer distance race—the Sheffield 15 miles.
C.314 Edward (Ted) Billingham

I have just received the news (19 January 2016) from Ted's wife, Maureen that Ted has recently passed away.
Ted was a member of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Walking Club and qualified as a Centurion in 1960 at the Leicester to Skegness race in a time of 23h 06m 10s.
Maureen writes that Ted loved his walking and the friends he made. What better accolade and memory could we have than this?
In her letter, Maureen also writes that she and her daughter raised a glass to the Centurions on Christmas Day ... and will continue to do this every Christmas in memory of all the good times and good friends.
Well, Maureen, we will also continue to do the same and remember Ted and you and your family in the spirit of walking and the Centurions. God bless.
Kathy Crilley, C.933, Captain
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