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Centurion Obituaries

Tributes to Centurions who have passed away
But they are not forgotten as their fellow walkers speak fondly of those who were once their friends.
Many recollections of daring deeds are collected together in these Obituaries pages.

Friends and family of Centurions who have passed away are remembered in the News section
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Rev David Watson

The Reverend David Watson has sadly passed-on aged 82, after some years of poor health.  He was, for many years, Vicar of St.Bartholomew's Church in Horne (a district of Horley), in Surrey.  He was an established member of Surrey Walking Club, who made his 100 Miles' debut at the 1991 Ewhurst 100 Miles, becoming Centurion 881 in 21:17.26.  He relished a challenge of 100 miles, and completed another 4 UK 100 Miles races in under 24 hours - joining that group of race walkers who've completed such distances within the time allowed, on both road and track.  When he qualified 45 started/31 finished of whom 10 became new Centurions - David being the first of them.
In total David finished 5 of these ultra-distance events, each time giving it his all - so much so that after 2 of his complettions he was quite the worse for wear and had clearly suffered.  His well-attended funeral service was held in Leatherhead.  We extend our profound condolences to his family members.

It is always sad to read of someone's passing and David was yet another nice man.  Cath Duhig

I knew him primarily as a clergy colleague in Southwark Diocese, although I was aware of his exploits as a Race Walker. In addition to his main role at Horne, he was also responsible for a small church (only about a dozen regulars) in Outwood a nearby Village to Horne. Part of my diocesan work at that time was to support and encourage small churches and in that capacity I visited David at his Vicarage. Rev Nigel Stone

So sad to hear the news.  Reverend David WATSON was such an inspiration to me in 1991 at Ewhurst and such a lovely human being.  The news has brought tears to our eyes, as life is so precious as one grows older.  With sincere condolences. May he Rest in Peace.  Bill and Kath Sutherland (C890)

Albert (Alf) Stokes C.451

We're all sorry to learn that on 21st July Albert (Alf) Stokes, aged 92, died peacefully in his sleep.  For the past couple of years he'd been resident in a Tamworth care home.  A stalwart member of Birmingham Walking Club in his heyday, he became Centurion 451 when completing the 1970 Leicester-to-Skegness 100 Miles' event in 21:10.57, crossing the finish line on Skegness seafront in the same time as Club colleague George Mitchell (C450) who sadly died in 2013 at the age of 99.  Albert put much back into our sport as he was active as both a respected Coach and as a top Judge.  In the latter capacity he'd had many leading appointments, often being Joint Chief Judge at 100 Miles/24 Hours races.  A funeral service at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium was followed by a gathering in Tamworth AC's Clubhouse.

Dear Colleagues,
Yesterday day evening I received from Mark Williams the very sad news that Albert Stokes had passed away on July 21st.   Alf as everyone knew him as, was a resident in a care home in Tamworth and had been so for the past couple of years.  The funeral service is to take place at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium at 10am on Wednesday 14th.August.
Regards, Glyn Jones.

Sad loss of this great man, gave a lifetime to sport, first cycling then race walking.  Firstly as an athlete, then through coaching and officiating over many years.  Alf, may you rest in peace.    Mark Williams

Deeply saddened at loss of a very likeable guy, who supported Civil Service Championships from Tally Ho.    Dave Turner

David was always so proud of having been a member of the winning Surrey Walking Club team in the national 100 mile walking championships and, when we last saw him, he showed us the photograph he kept of this. Alongside another David - the Reverend David [D. H. A.] Christie-Murray, also of Surrey Walking Club - David Watson was one of the Centurions' ministers of the church.  Sandra Brown

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