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Overseas Centurions

Centurions around the world...

There are several countries (and now continents!) which now hold their own 100 mile walks and have formed their own Centurion associations for those athletes who complete 100 miles within 24 hours in a judged race.

The latest addition to the "family" is Africa which held their inaugral race in October 2016.
The US Centurions is now under new management following on from Ulrich and Trudi Kamm (see below)

Centurion Vereniging Nederland - Dutch Centurion Association (CVN)

The Centurion Vereniging Nederland (C.V.N.) was founded on the 12th February 1966 and it's aim is to stay in contact with each other and to represent the Dutch and Belgian contingent of Centurions.
The CVN is made up of Dutch and Belgian walkers who have qualified as British Centurions (and not to be confused with the Continental Centurions)

Isle of Man - Manx Centurions
A new addition to the "overseas Centurions" section is a new group being organised by Centurion Graham Young from the Isle of Man. Graham was the very first Manx walker to qualify as a British Centurion, soon followed by John Cannell.
Grahan has organised a "reunion" dinner for Manx walkers, their family, friends and supporters.
Inaugurual Get-together of Manx Centurions: Woodbourne Hotel , Douglas,  Saturday, 28 January 2017

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