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Race Walking
IAAF World Team Championships 2018
The IAAF Council met in London on 31st July and approved the programme for World Team Championships in Taicang (CHN) in 2018 as below:
Saturday 5th May: 08:00 – Men’s & Women’s 50km 15:30 – Under 20 Men’s 10km 16:30 – Women’s 20km
Sunday 6th May: 09:00 – Under 20 Women’s 10km 10:10 – Men’s 20km

 A Pit Lane shall be used for any race where the applicable Regulations for the competition so provide and may be used for other races as determined by the relevant governing body or Organising Committee.
In such cases, an athlete will be required to enter the Pit Lane and remain there for the applicable period (as set out in the Regulations or Organising Committee decision) once they have received three Red Cards and are so advised by the Chief
Judge or someone delegated by him.
The applicable period in the Pit Lane will be the following.
For Races:
If, at any time, the athlete receives an additional Red Card from a Judge other than one of the three who had previously sent a Red Card, he shall be disqualified. An athlete who fails to enter the Pit Lane when required to do so, or remain there for the applicable period, shall be disqualified by the Chief Judge.

Drinking/Sponging & Refreshment Stations R 230.10(d) & 230.10(h): An important note has been added to each sub-section.

230.10(d): Refreshments, which may be provided by either the Organising Committee or the athlete, shall be placed at the stations so that they are easily accessible to, or may be put by authorized persons into the hands of, the athletes.
Note: Refreshments provided by the athletes shall be kept under the supervision of officials designated by the Organising Committee from the moment that the refreshments are delivered by the athletes or their representatives.

230.10(h): An athlete who receives or collects refreshment or water from a place other than the official stations, except where provided for medical reasons from or under the direction of race officials, or takes the refreshment of another athlete, should, for a first such offence, be warned by the Referee normally by showing a yellow card. For a second offence, the Referee shall disqualify the athlete, normally by showing a red card. The athlete shall then immediately leave the course.
Note: An athlete may receive from or pass to another athlete refreshment, water or sponges provided it was carried from the start or collected or received at an official station. However, any continuous support from an athlete to one or more others in such a way may be regarded as unfair assistance and warnings and/or disqualifications as outlined above may be applied.
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