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US Centurions

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USA Centurions

The title of US CENTURION was introduced in 1967 by the Colombia Track Club when sixty-year-old, Larry O’Neil,  walked the “100” in 19 hours 24 minutes and 34 seconds. This was an American outdoor record for the distance that stood for eleven years.
The race venue has moved around the USA over the years - Colorado, Texas, California, Minnesota....

Over the decades over 90 walkers have achieved Centurion status including many existing British, Dutch, Belgian and Australian Centurions. (But who will get that coveted US C100?)

After the retirement of Ullrich and Trudi Kamm, Erin and Dave Talcott along with Rob Robertson took over the race organsiation in 2016 and the venue changed to New York State.   

As usual, the 100 miler attracts existing Centurions from Europe and beyond.
In 2018 Andrew Titley (100 Miles 22:27:32 Total 106.8 Miles) set a new course record.

2018 race report and results (external website)

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