1972 Leicester to Skegness

65 men started the biennial Leicester to Skegness race.

John Lees went in to an early lead. He maintained it for most of the journey until his exploits earlier in the year took their toll and he was passed by his clubmate Dave Boxall who won the race in 17 hours 58 minutes and 49 seconds.

John Lees finished 2nd, just under 17 minutes later to become the first of 18 new Centurions.

A long way down the field, walking with his clubmate A. Norman C452, John Eddershaw C299 completed his 10th British 100. Of the 41 finishers perhaps the most notable came in last, with just 5½ minutes to spare. This was a very tired Hew Neilson C145 who clocked up his 20th and what would prove to be his last British 100.

In the 70 years since the first Brighton and Back time trial, Centurion numbers had risen to 503 with 12% (60) being from Holland.

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