1976 Woodford Green Track 100 miles

Charlie Megnin C288 organised and promoted the 1976 24 hour track race at Woodford Green.

23 started and a ding dong battle, reminiscent of the 1960 race, was fought out between Colin Young C317 and Derek Harrison C466, the result being a win for Harrison with 131 miles 336 yards, only 9 yards better than Colin Young’s performance in the 1960 race, for third on the all time British list. Young finished just over 2 miles behind.

Harrison’s times at 150 and 200 km were submitted and ratified as British records, even though they were slower times than Neilson would have put up in the 1960 race where times were not taken at these distances.

15 completed 100 miles, 8 of them for the first time, with 6 of the 15 going on to complete the 24 hours.

Hew Neilson C145 and Paul Sargent C430 also completed the 24 hours but failed to reach the 100 mile mark.

In this race Eddie McNeir C375, at the age of 75, completed his 10th 100 to become only the 4th Centurion to reach double figures, but more remarkable is the fact that his first completion was achieved at the age of 65.

Woodford Green 24 Hour Track Race Results