1998 Isle of Man 100

Isle of Man Parish Walk and 100 miles

Promoted by the Manx Harriers

On 20th – 21st June 1998 the Parish Walk was held on the Isle of Man. This is an annual 85 miles walk around the island. For the Dutch walkers it proved to be a large problem just getting there. Because the Brotherhood of Centurions wanted to give the people of the I.O.M. the chance to become Centurions the 85 mile walk was extended to 100 miles. Participants had to walk up and down the boulevard of Douglas for the last 15 miles.

The first 85 miles
Participants started in Douglas and first walked to the south of the island. The target was to touch as many church gates (hence “Parish”) as possible as fast as possible. The walk led along 17 churches all around the island. The finish was in Douglas. 500 people started of on Saturday and only 35 made it to the finish the next day.

The first 3 finishers were:
1    Richard Brown     15.59.44
2    Sandra Brown      16.16.36
3    Arie Boertjes        15.26.22  

Doing another 15 miles on top of the first 85 proved to be too much to ask of most walkers. In the end there were only 11 people that finished within 24 hours, of which 4 were Manx walkers qualifying as new Centurions: Ray Hughes, Anthony Kneale, Luc Nique and Simon Cox.

The women’s team won the team prize (Sandra Brown C735, Marleen Radder C783 and Jill Green C898″, the continental” team consisting of Arie Boertjes C942, Luc Nicque and Hans van der Knaap C938 came 2nd. So the ladies received the cup with a tag on it saying “First prize 100 miles men”!

Pos        name                                                time      New Centurions

1            Richard Brown                              19.22.26
2            Sandra Brown (f)                          19.32.26
3            Arie Boertjes                                 19.38.14
4            Marleen Radder (f)                      21.16.56
5            Chris Flint                                      21.47.22
6            Ray Hughes                                   22.15.48              C953
7            Jill Green (f)                                   22.22.30
8            Anthony Kneale                           22.55.05              C954
9            Luc Nique                                      23.03.34             C955
9            Hans van der Knaap                    23.03.34
11           Simon Cox                                     23.51.30              C956