2019 Cambridge

Centurion’s Social Walk  – Saturday 30th March 2019                                
Centurions, friends and family were invited for a leisurely 6 mile stroll through some of the sights of Cambridge to Granchester, beloved of literature’s 1900’s Bloomsbury Group and former village resident Rupert Brooke.
For over 700 years students such as Newton, Darwin, Cromwell, Wordsworth and others (e.g Pink Floyd) have travelled from Cambridge to Granchester village so now we are adding the Centurions to the list. The route took in modern and old architecture, including Paradise and  Number 10(!)
After a break at the Orchard Tea Rooms in Granchester the route wandered back to the railway station via Byron’s Pool where Lord Byron is reputed to have swum, Trumpington Meadows and eventually following the guided busway back to the station.
Below – participants in the walk